11 Benefits Of Exercising In The Morning

When it comes to exercising, you might think that it doesn’t really matter what time of the day you actually exercise. But, it does matter. There are many benefits of exercising in the morning. Choosing when you exercise can change your lifestyle.

Most people exercise after they get back from work. If you go to the gym after work, you will see a lot of people coming in at that time as well and it will probably be full.

It’s hard to find the time to exercise when you have a busy life, even harder to do that in the morning. You might not even be a morning person and you might love to sleep for 12 hours every day, but it’s not very good for your health.

The first thing you have to do, is develop the habit of waking up early and going to sleep early. If you can’t wake up early, you can’t exercise in the morning. Makes sense, right?

11 Benefits Of Exercising In The Morning

Working out in the morningIn my experience, the hardest thing was waking up in the morning, because I was totally not a morning person.

I was working out every day in the evening, so I thought it will be easy to switch to exercising in the mornings but it was pretty hard.

But the good news is, it’s only hard for the first few days. Your body adjusts quite fast to the morning routine.

Once you know all these benefits of exercising in the morning, I’m sure you will be tempted to make this a habit of yours!

1. Yes, you will burn more fat!

When you exercise in the morning, you will boost your metabolism quite a bit. This will help you lose some extra weight.

Also, don’t eat before you exercise. Your body will be focusing on consuming the food and this will make exercising so much harder.

There are studies that show exercising is more effective towards losing weight if you exercise on an empty stomach.

2. Nothing will interrupt you

Like I’ve said before, it’s quite hard to find time to exercise when you have a busy life. If you are exercising in the evening, chances are that something unexpected might happen and you won’t be able to exercise.

Your friends might invite you for a beer or your girlfriend’s parents aren’t home now, so you rush out of your house and you don’t have the time to exercise like you have planned to do.

That’s why it’s the best to exercise in the morning. You wake up, you exercise and then your day starts. No matter what happens later in the day, you will have already finished your workout for the day.

If you find yourself getting unexpected plans all the time, then I seriously suggest you start waking up in the morning and exercising to maintain a healthy body.

3. Improve the quality of your sleep

Improve sleep qualityI used to love staying up all night playing video games and watching TV. I could never wake up in the mornings, because I basically went to sleep in the morning…

My quality of sleep was pretty poor all the time. I would wake up many times at night and find it hard to fall asleep.

When I “killed” this bad habit of staying up all night and started exercising the first thing in the morning, I immediately noticed my sleep quality was way better.

Now I could fall asleep really fast, barely ever wake up at night and I feel way more rested. Obviously, since you’re waking up early in the morning and you do some physical activities, your body gets tired earlier in the day.

This makes it easier to fall asleep way earlier. Now, even if I wanted to stay up all night, I couldn’t do it, because I would be tired by 11PM.

When I used to wake up at 2-3PM, I couldn’t fall asleep early, because my body is not tired yet.

4. You will eat healthier food

One of the benefits of exercising in the morning includes eating healthier. It might surprise you but the reason this happens, is because you feel like you’ve already accomplished something at the start of your day.

You worked on improving your health and body, so you won’t make bad decisions (or at least not as bad as before) when it comes to food selection.

It won’t feel right to fill yourself with junk food all day. Since you’ve already done something healthy for your body, you will want to continue this for the rest of the day.

This is a great way to start eating healthier food. I struggled with this as well but once I started exercising in the morning, I noticed that junk food doesn’t attract my attention anymore.

5. Feel good, accomplish more and feel motivated!

When you reach your goalsWhen you finish your exercise in the morning, you will feel really good about yourself. The day only started and you’ve already done something very healthy and beneficial.

You will feel more confident, because you will feel like you can do anything in the world! Your energy levels will be high, because you are full of motivation do keep on improving yourself.

This will improve your productivity for the rest of the day. No matter what you do, you will do it with motivation and energy.

Simply, you will develop the mindset of always trying to become the greatest version of yourself.

6. Don’t worry, be happy!

When I had to wake up in the morning, my mood was the worst! I was really grumpy and angry at everything and everyone, because I felt like crap.

But exercising in the morning is the best way to increase your happy hormones! And happiness alone can improve your lifestyle in many ways.

You will have better relationships with everyone. I used to get annoyed by the slightest things in the morning. I couldn’t really talk with anyone without “sharing” a bit of my anger on to other people.

Nobody would like to be friends or in a relationship with such a person, right? Once I started exercising in the morning, I started seeing the world in different colors. Simply started being happy all the time.

And I know a lot of people who are quite angry when they wake up. I would always recommend them to exercise if they are like that. So if you’re also one of those people who wakes up and feels like your life is a living hell, then I suggest increasing your happy hormones… and you know how to do that!

7. Way fewer people in the gym

No people in gymIt’s quite annoying when the gym is full of people and you’re basically feel like a colony of ants trying to squeeze in together.

If you’re decide to exercise in the gym, mornings are the best time for that. There will be way fewer people, if any at all (depending on where you’re located at).

Some people are shy to show off their bodies at the gym, so if you’re one of those people, then go there in the morning for less exposure.

For me, it motivates me even more to go to the gym in the morning, because there’s always fewer people and I don’t have to feel like an ant there…

8. Lower blood pressure

Blood pressure is a serious thing and you shouldn’t overlook this. It can cause many health problems if you don’t try to reduce it.

If you’re not planning on getting a heart attack any time soon or in the future, then I suggest you take action to reduce your blood pressure if you have any problems with it.

Exercising in the morning will help you out in the quest of reducing blood pressure. Of course this is not the only way to reduce it. Read this article for more ways to reduce blood pressure.

9. It will wake your brain up!

Do you often feel like your brain is still asleep when you get out of bed? And even after a few hours you still feel like it’s not fully awake?

Well, one of the benefits of exercising in the morning includes waking up your brain! It’s quite hard to focus or even think about something when waking up in the morning.

It definitely reduces your productivity at work or school, because it takes some time to even start feeling like yourself again.

The best way to activate your brain is not by drinking coffee, it’s by exercising. When you exercise, your body consumes way more oxygen and this will immediately wake your brain up.

So, if you hate feeling rather “dumb” when you wake up, just start moving your muscles!

10. Simply more time on your hands

Time managementWorking out in the morning provides you with more time for the rest of the day. No longer will you need to find a way to fit exercising in your busy schedule.

You’ll have more time to spend with your friends, family and other activities as well.

And you will also want to spend that time on more useful activities than before. You might find yourself spending way less time on video games and TV.

This way you will erase some of your bad habits and develop healthier ones!

11. Reduce stress and anxiety!

This might be connected to the increase of your happy hormones but it’s definitely a good benefit! Since you will be feeling like you’ve already done something really good at the start of the day, you will find in easier to manage your daily life situations.

Your body and mind will feel refreshed and you will simply block anything stressful and anxious happening in your life. Exercising is one of the best ways to reduce stress!

Don’t let your brain fool you

It’s easy to get motivated and decide to make this your habit, but once you wake up in the morning, your brain will start making excuses why you don’t have to do this.

And that’s the hardest part of all. To get all the benefits of exercising in the morning, you must make this a habit and do it regularly.

When you wake up feeling tired, with no motivation to do anything it’s going to be a battle inside your head. You have to win this battle if you want to change your lifestyle for the better.

If you never exercise, it’s alright to start with just 5 minutes every morning just to get your body moving. Once you feel comfortable, start increasing the amount of time you exercise.

If you feel like you want to lift some weights, go to a gym. Just start doing something and the rest will follow.

22 thoughts on “11 Benefits Of Exercising In The Morning”

  1. Ruby says:

    Hi Donny,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I’m an early morning riser and need to start incorporating this into my lifestyle again.

    I always used to hit the gym in the morning and loved it because as you said there are fewer people there and you have easy access to all the equipment without having to wait.

    Also, it felt great getting it done first thing. I was ready to conquer the world after.

    I’m definitely encouraged to get back to the gym after reading your article.

    1. Donny says:

      Yeah, I have been going to the gym in the morning for quite a while and I love it. It’s quite relaxing as well when there are not a lot of people. Definitely a great way to start the day!

  2. Rika says:

    Hi Donny. I really enjoyed reading your post. I only recently started going to the Gym and yes I go after work, but after reading your post I am going to change this bad habit.

    What you say makes 100% sense. Luckily for me, I am an early riser. I am normally up by 05:00. This gives me plenty of time for exercising.

    How long after Gym do you recommend should I wait before I eat my breakfast?

    I normally eat a high protein breakfast. It seems to sustain me for the rest of the day. Is that a good thing?

    Thanks again for a great post with excellent tips!

    1. Donny says:

      Well, first we gotta take a look at what breakfast is? It was a form of advertisement that came from the cereal industry so you would buy more. We actually don’t need breakfast. 

      I never eat breakfast and I feel fantastic. Now, what do I do? I do intermittent fasting. I eat for 8-6 hours a day and I fast for 16-18 hours. I always eat after gym, right when I come back home, but I go there on an empty stomach.

  3. rmjia says:

    After reading through your article, I felt I should add exercise in the morning as my routine everyday. I am not sure how to add that as it means I will have lesser hours of sleep if I add that and maintain my other daily work schedule. Any recommendations how to balance between sleep and exercise?

    1. Donny says:

      Well, the best thing you can do is go to sleep earlier. If that’s not an option, then figure out how much sleep you need every day. If you’re sleeping more than you need, you might be able to cut an hour or two from your sleep. 

  4. Ernest says:

    This is an excellent article, and very convincing. One thing most people won’t admit is they feel intimidated at the gym. Morning, especially really early, offers the most vacant time of day. It is also nice to be able to use the equipment you want instead of taking laps doing your workouts in the wrong order!

    I have gotten away from exercising in the morning, but you do feel better ALL day. That is one of the biggest advantages. Some of the most successful people do work out in the morning to accomplish something early. It sets the tone for the entire day.

    1. Donny says:

      Yeah, when you exercise in the morning, you feel great about yourself and you want to do some more productive tasks to feel even better!

  5. GBIG says:

    Hi Donny, thanks for writing this. You are right, The mind is everything. What you think, you become. I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

    I must admit that unlike you I have been very lazy recently. I haven’t been exercising in the morning. I need to fix this. I like what you said that we will burn more fat and that nothing will interrupt you! I have small children and they need my attention all the time. Having some personal time when I won’t be interrupted will be fabulous.
    What are you best stretching exercise to help people who sit at their desk and use a computer all day?

    1. Donny says:

      Stretching your torso and neck is great if you’re sitting at your desk all day. You might notice that you sink into a hunched position after a while, so make sure to stretch that neck and torso to improve your posture.

  6. Megan says:

    Hi Donny
    Great article! I aim to get up and moving in the mornings as I seem to achieve so much more if I do. Some days dragging myself out of bed is hard especially if the weather is a bit cooler. I always feel better when I’ve gotten exercise done! I get up between 5-5.30am most days. However, my biggest issue is work days getting up at 4am to leave at 4.45am – I just don’t have time to exercise before work and get home at 7pm so am exhausted. Do you think ensuring I get up and move around at work as much as possible is a good way to offset this?

    1. Donny says:

      Yeah, if you manage to get some form of exercise at work, it’s going to be beneficial!

  7. Daniella says:

    Hi Donny,

    Great article!

    I walk every day, but in the evening because I don’t find the time to do it in the morning, except on the weekend.
    Exercising in the morning is definitely the way to go. When I walk in the morning, I feel that I have more energy and it makes me in a good mood all day. I have started walking 20 minutes per day and today I walk 50 minutes. I hope next I will double the time and I will also switch to the morning instead of the evening.
    How many minutes do you exercise in the morning?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Donny says:

      Walking is a great way to start your day. It refreshes your mind and it exercises your body! I would say it’s one of the easiest ways to start the habit of exercising, because it doesn’t take a lot of effort.

  8. Israel says:

    Hey Donny!

    We’re heading for the end of the year, and you know, new year’s resolutions start to come into play in people’s heads LOL

    I was actually thinking about starting a morning exercise routine and this article is just spot on! I used to work out some months ago, usually I did it in the evenings, but I ended up quitting, for obvious reasons you mention on the article…

    So, thanks a lot for the advice! Have a great 2018! 😉

    1. Donny says:

      I used to do it in the evenings as well… Didn’t work quite well, because something always came up and I wouldn’t do it. It’s way better to exercise in the morning!

  9. Fadi says:

    excellent post. Thank you for reminding us on the importance to exercise, especially in the morning. Whenever I walk in the morning, i set up my day positively and set forth my intention. I also like it less crowded so I can focus my thoughts better. Morning is the best time for exercise. Thanks for a great post.

    1. Donny says:

      We don’t often get a lot of quite moments for ourselves, so waking up in the morning and exercising is a great time to enjoy the silence for a while.

  10. Dave says:

    I needed to see this as I have fallen back to working out later in the day and it is tough getting to the gym when I would rather nap. One thing I did notice though about working out in the morning is that I at least need to wake my body up first. This means that I need to take the time to do stretches first. Which actually is much better anyway as I find later in the day I may be lacking enough time to stretch first which is not a good thing.

    1. Donny says:

      Yes it’s easy to take a nap but it’s hard to get up and do some exercise. Stretching is a good idea to wake your body up a little bit. That definitely helps!

  11. Paul says:

    OMG I love that I read this literally only a few months after I made this is exact same change. I used to work out later in the day, and honestly, I hated knowing it was something coming later in the day, so I felt less productive earlier in the day, because this “to do” still had to get done later. I have heard that it does burn more fat as well. I definitely agree that I feel happier and more motivated as soon as this part of my morning is over too. It also seems to give me more time in my day as you mentioned in #10. As soon as its over, it’s over, and I don’t have to think about it anymore. You’re totally right too – it needs to become a habit…it took some time for me to get into the swing of things this way, but it’s really helped a lot I think.

    1. Donny says:

      I’ve also used to workout later in the day and it was just annoying knowing that I’ll have to do it. So many times something came up and I couldn’t do it. Exercising in the morning is the best way to make sure nothing gets in your way and it has so many benefits!

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