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Let go of the past

Let’s Talk About How To Let Go Of The Past

All of us think about the past, some people think about it quite a lot, others not so much. It’s only natural to think about what once was, because we have memories and we can’t really forget our past. We are emotional creatures and specific

Beginners guide to meditation

Meditation Guide For Beginners – Expand Your Mind

Before we start, there’s one thing you should know – you don’t have to be religious at all to start meditating, it’s not about believing in something. There are many reasons why people meditate, but in my opinion the most important ones are to strengthen

Powerful ways to attract positive energy

How To Attract Positive Energy – Powerful Ways!

Your whole life, you constantly have to make decisions. Some of those decisions are hidden deep within your mind and you might not consciously make those decisions. Those decisions are: anger and peace. You become angry when something goes wrong, you lose money, the internet

How to improve your memory and be less forgetful

How To Improve Your Memory And Stay Sharp

Have you ever forgotten where you left your keys? Or when’s you best friend’s birthday? Or you were about to do something and you completely forgot what it was. Has that ever happen to you? Of course, it did. It happens to everyone. But that

17 Ways to increase self confidence

How To Boost Your Self Confidence – 17 Ways

Every single person who lives in this strange world is amazing and superb in his own way, but not everyone achieves their goals or success. There are several reasons for that, but in this article I’m going to focus on answering the question “how to

Benefits of deep breathing

Benefits Of Deep Breathing Exercises – Health Enhancer!

When it comes to our breath, most people think there’s no reason to focus on it or do any exercises, because it happens automatically… Yes, it does happen naturally and there’s no way your brain will forget to breathe. I would’ve died like a million

How to be better with money - Handle IT

How to Be Better With Money – Handle IT

We are living in a mysterious place where students take huge loans for their studies, young families takes loans to buy houses, where seniors who finally reach retirement age can’t feel safe about their money situation either and where almost all countries in the world


How To Prevent Procrastination – No More Lies!

It’s no secret that most of us like to put things away into the future. “I will start exercising tomorrow“, “I will apply for this job tomorrow“, “I will start reading next week” and so on. The main problem with this kind of mindset is,

pros and cons of playing video games

Pros And Cons Of Playing Video Games

I’m sure we all have played video games, and there was a time when we couldn’t imagine our life without shooting soldiers, driving cool cars or building massive empires. It’s fun, it’s addictive, it’s relaxing, so why not? When there are so many games out