Benefits Of Being A Vegan – Awesome Lifestyle!

Benefits of veganism

More and more people are deciding to erase meat from their life and become vegetarians. However, in my opinion becoming vegetarian is just the first step.

The next step is way more important. There are many benefits of being vegetarian and there are even more benefits of being a vegan.

If you have been eating meat your whole life, it can be quite hard to never eat meat again. We are raised to believe that meat is good for us…

When I first decided to stop eating meat, a lot of people told me that I’m crazy! I can’t really blame them though… When society tells us to eat meat, a lot of people will see you as a crazy person for sure.

But I think, it doesn’t matter what others think about you. You know what matters? Your health and the way you feel… That is more important than someone’s opinion.

If you always let others get into your head and change the way you live, you’re gonna have a bad time!

People often misunderstand vegans. They say that vegans are way overprotective about animals. Well its true, they feel passionate about animals, and they fight for animal rights, but there are way more reasons why vegans are… well, vegans!

Benefits Of Being A Vegan

You don’t even have to be passionate about animals. A lot of vegans choose this kind of lifestyle, not because of the animals, but because they want to be healthier.

If you decide to become a vegan, you have to understand why you’re doing it. Ask yourself, what is the reason you’re doing this?

To maintain a vegan lifestyle, you have to believe in your own reason. Whether it’s a health benefit, spiritual or about animals, you must believe you’re doing the right thing.

If your reason is not good enough, probably you won’t stay vegan for a long time.

So let’s see those sweet benefits and let’s find YOUR reason which will help you decide!

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1. It Affects Your Karma

If you are familiar with the definition of karma, then you will have no problems understanding why eating meat and all the products that come from animals (like milk or eggs) is bad for your karma.

People often say they did nothing wrong, didn’t kill any animals, or they don’t grow any animals for their personal gains. However, they are missing a very important point.

Even if you have nothing to do with animals, if you eat any of those products, you are customer and a consumer. Think about it this way, if there are no customers and nobody drinks milk, eats cheese or meat, then there would be no need to fill the stores with those products. Obviously, nobody would buy them.

Being a customer and a consumer means that you are at the end of this food system, and you are the most important part of it.

So if you care about your karma, you should really think about this. Don’t focus on other people’s opinions and actions, you are not responsible for any other person. Just focus on yourself and your actions.

Veganism is good for karma

2. Cancer Treatment

Cancer is extremely common in west world. The biggest reason why it’s so common in the west and not so much in the east is, because of the food choices people make there.

People who eat meat and eggs increase the chance of getting cancer.

If you already have cancer you should consider becoming vegan. Various studies show that many patients who became vegans either stopped the progression of cancer or may have even reversed the sickness.

3. Various Health Problems

Many people have problems with cholesterol. That’s because of meat and baked eggs, so become a vegan and your heart will become way healthier than before!

Same thing goes for blood pressure. It’s a common problem. Diet without meat would help you reduce blood pressure.

Some studies show that a vegan diet may help fight rheumatoid arthritis.

Do you have problems with your eyes? Studies show that vegan diets may help to prevent cataracts

Age related macular degeneration may be prevented by eating a lot fresh vegetables and fruits. As a vegan you would be eating a lot of those, just in case you didn’t know….

Studies show that vegan diets are really good at preventing strokes and heart attacks.

Vegans don’t eat meat, but as a replacement they eat way more nuts, and that helps to improve cardiovascular health.

Lastly, veganism is a really great way to fight type 2 diabetes.

4. Loose Some Weight

So many people have weight problems. There are several reasons for that, but the main reason is unhealthy food.

In my opinion two best ways to lose weight are: exercising and being vegan. Say goodbye to chips, meat, fast foods, and basically almost everything that is being sold in the supermarket, except vegetables and fruits.

Since you will eat way more vegetables and fruits, instead of meat, as a result you won’t eat animal fat = fewer calories.

People who become vegans notice weight loss pretty fast, so if you are interested in loosing weight, then becoming a vegan is a really good start.

5. Energy Boost

Do you ever feel like you don’t have energy to do anything and all you want to do is slack off on your couch and watch all kinds of TV series all day long (while eating a triple cheese pizza)?

That happens because you eat way too much unhealthy food. Your body tries to digest whatever you ate and that takes a lot of energy.

The good thing about being a vegan, is that your main foods are vegetables and fruits which are very easy to digest. Your body won’t spend as much energy on digestion.

Most of your energy comes from sleep and oxygen. Energy that you get from food is very limited, and when you eat so much food at once you actually make things worse.

Become a vegan and you will feel a huge energy boost.

Food affects your energy

6. Minerals And Vitamins

Some people say if you are working a physical job, or you’re exercising a lot, then you must eat meat and other products because you need protein and some specific minerals.

Well that’s not true. You can get everything your body needs from vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and nuts. Products like nuts, peas, beans and soy are great to get protein in a healthy way.

Many famous athletes like Kyrie Irving, Meagan Duhamel, Pat Reeves, Carl Lewis, are vegetarians or vegans and they are still successful.

Alexander Dargatz, Derek Tresize and Torre Washington are only a few of many vegan bodybuilders, and they look like hulks (except not green…). So, it’s clear that being a vegan doesn’t hurt your chance to be a successful athlete.

Do you know that most people lack vitamin C and vitamin D? Those vitamins are very important for your health and energy retention.

Guess what’s the best way to get those vitamins? Noooo… Not by eating triple cheese pizzas with extra cheese. The best way is by eating more fruits and vegetables. What a surprise, right?

7. Allergies And Migraine

One of the reasons why people are so vulnerable to viruses and allergies is, because of bad food. Saying goodbye to junk food and eating only healthy food will result in a stronger immune system.

Immune system is crucial in fighting allergies, various viruses, diseases and so on… so it’s really important to keep it strong, unless you like visiting your doctor every month (or weekly…).

Do you often have a headache? Headaches can easily ruin your day, because it’s really annoying. And taking pills to ease your headaches is not the healthiest way to live your life.

One of the reasons for headaches is bad food. So, becoming vegan can help you reduce the amount of headaches you have.

8. Your Appearance

Vitamins A and E are very important for your skin. There are a lot of those vitamins in vegetables, and that automatically means that vegans have a healthier and better looking skin.

Since vegans don’t eat meat, they also smell better, because red meat increases body odor a lot. Plus vegans very rarely have bad breath. So, girl will be less likely to turn you away if you go for a kiss… How is that for a benefit, huh?

A lot of people don’t pay enough attention to their nails. A vegan diet can significantly increase strength and health of your nails.

If you care about your hair, then I have good news for you. Most vegans say, they noticed changed when it comes to their hair. It becomes way stronger and it looks more natural and healthy.

Most vegans don’t wear clothes made of leather, silk, wool and many other materials. While this might sound like it will be harder to find clothes, you might actually become a bit more stylish, because you will have to dedicate yourself to find the right attire.

In Other Words

As you can see there are many benefits of becoming a vegan. They are very obvious and yet, very widely ignored by most people.

If you see yourself as a person who is on a spiritual journey, then you should realize that eating meat not only affects your karma, but also it also has negative effects on your spiritual body and energy.

Vegans are simply way healthier, less ignorant, they look better and it’s a proven fact that vegans live longer.

Nobody is pushing you to become a vegan, but I really recommend having some serious thoughts about this.

If you’re looking for a vegan diet for beginners, check out this great video!


How often do you eat meat? Are you trying to become vegan? Comment below!

8 thoughts on “Benefits Of Being A Vegan – Awesome Lifestyle!”

  1. Eli says:

    Ok, thanks for writing this article. I find it interesting and informative. I am personally a meat eater and vegan is not on my horizon because it also depends on the kind of body one has.
    EliI rather eat the proteins that come from animal meat and I think it is natural to eat animal meat. As long as we treat animals with respect and eat according to need then for me its clear. i understand that you became a vegan and good for you. The adventages are clear.

    1. Donny says:

      Whatever works for you!

  2. D-AnnTaylor says:

    Hi Donny,
    Your article addressing the “Benefits of Being A Vegan – Awesome Lifestyle” offer great advice for people who are interested in converting their way of eating and living into a Vegan.

    You made some great points about the different changes people will see regarding their health, the way they feel, skin, and hair, in addition to how converting to a Vegan can basically change their entire well-being when they stop eating meat, eggs, cheese, chips, milk and other unhealthy foods.

    I have to agree eating more vegetables and fruits, nuts, results in a person feeling much energetic and upbeat about life.

    I’ve been seriously thinking about eliminating meat out of my diet, plus I don’t eat a great deal of it anyway. Maybe twice a week, if that.

    I eat a lot of fruits and veggies as well as nuts, such as cashews and almonds overall.

    And I workout regularly, which is something I’ve always done since my high school days of being an athlete.

    My biggest challenge is cutting out my unhealthy snacks such as chips and cookies.

    But I’m going to step up to the challenge of converting to a Vegan because I want to be a better me overall for the sake of my health.

    I really enjoyed your article and the awesome information you provided in educating people about the Vegan lifestyle.

    Well done.

    Thank you,

    1. Donny says:

      Yeah, it’s not that easy to cut out those unhealthy snacks! I’ve had trouble with that as well, haha… Limiting meat is one thing, but snacks… Takes a lot of willpower!

  3. Donna Rowe says:

    I definitely see that there are great benefits to being a vegan. Healthy hair, skin, and nails, and more energy are all a good reason to try this lifestyle.

    My son has a friend who is vegan who came to our house one Thanksgiving. I really got anxious about what I was going to have for him on such a big eating occasion. Luckily for me he brought his own food and I will be honest with you, it didn’t look too appetizing to me. It wasn’t anything like what was shown in the video which didn’t look bad at all. So that is great to know.

    As you say, it takes time to change to this life style which I have to agree with you. By taking it slowly without going too crazy with it at first most people could adapt to this if they wanted to. Plus the wonderful benefits to go with it is a plus.

    Tell me, are there eating establishments that cater to vegans? I know there is always something you can eat just about anywhere but are there special restaurants as well?

    I admire anyone who can do this.

    1. Donny says:

      Well, it always depends of the specific food some people choose to eat when they are vegans. Obviously, there always will be food that doesn’t look too good and there will be really great looking food. 

      Yes there are vegan restaurants, and I’ve been in a few of them in my country. The food is actually really great and it’s tasty even for non-vegans.

  4. John says:

    I fall into the category of people who thought vegans were….well vegans because of their feelings for animal rights. This article has opened my mind to a whole lot about veganism i had zero idea about. Truthfully, it has me seriously considering switching over. So many health benefits, including those of cancer, blood pressure and even cholesterol. I must say I am shook. I didn’t know meats were responsible for a number of ailments out there. Do you have to give up meat entirely in the first stages of veganism and are there substitutes for it?

    1. Donny says:

      Haha, yes many people don’t even realize that veganism has that many benefits and a lot of people chose to be vegans not just for the animals, but more for the benefits that this lifestyle provides. You can give up meat whenever you feel like it. I would recommend lowering the amount of meat you eat weekly/monthly.

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