How Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work?

There is a law that not everyone knows about. A universal law that affects and shapes our whole life. This law can either make your life better, or it can destroy you completely.

The first time I’ve heard about it, I’ve really taken it seriously and tried to test it. I’ve said to myself, alright if this is true, then I’ll forever live by this law.

How did I test it? Well, I had to think of something small that I could attract really fast, so I could prove to myself that it works.

I said, alright, I’m going to attract a banana into my life (Yeah, I know…) and now I’ll focus my thoughts on a banana. I thought about, I visualized my self having and eating a banana.

Then something magical happened. I went outside and a banana fell from the sky right into my face! Can you believe this? Neither do I, because that is not what actually happened.

But what really happened is, my friend called me and asked if I wanted to meet up. I got to my friends place (still visualizing a banana) and guess what? After staying there for like 10 minutes, he said “Hey, want a banana?”.

And I was like “YES I WANT A BANANA, I’ve been thinking about it all day long”.

After this proof to myself, I kept noticing things like this happening all the time. The small things kept manifesting into reality if I thought about it.

You’ve probably heard about the Law Of Attraction at least once in your life. If you ever heard of this term before, it probably got you wondering how does the law of attraction really work?

Well, the basic idea is, we attract and become what we always think about. Your thoughts are creating your life.

How Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work?

Negative thoughts attract negative outcomesSo basically, you have to shift your negative thoughts away and start thinking positively. If you’re always thinking about something negative, you will attract negative outcomes into your life.

What you have to do, is always think about positive things. Even if something negative is happening in your life, you must stay positive in your mind. Otherwise, you won’t be able to attract what you truly desire.

But it’s kinda tricky actually. You might not even realize that what you are currently focusing on, is actually bad for you and it’s attracting negative outcomes in your life.

What You Shouldn’t Focus On!

I’ll give you a few examples of what you shouldn’t focus on. Let’s say you’re in a relationship. And you don’t like a specific thing that your partner does. You will be focusing on that thing all the time and you’ll tell yourself how much you don’t like that your partner is doing it.

Or let’s say you have a job but you don’t like the amount of money you’re getting from it. You think you deserve more for what you do, so you always keep thinking how underpaid you are.

Maybe you keep thinking about how stressful your life is and you keep focusing on that all the time. Or you don’t like the way your body looks, maybe you’re a little overweight and it’s not your ideal body.

The point is, we tend to always think about the negative things that are happening in our lives. We focus on the things that we don’t like.

And the reason this is bad, is because in terms of law of attraction, we attract what we focus and put our attention on. If you’re constantly thinking about the things that you don’t like, you will attract even more things that you won’t like.

No Magic Is Involved Here

No magic involved.The law of attraction is not some sort of new age magical idea. It has been talked about for ages. It’s sort of like a secret that has been known throughout history.

Our thoughts are not magic, our thoughts do not literally attract all the outcomes in your life. Our thoughts actually generate the actions that we take in our lives.

Even if you don’t realize it, subconsciously we take actions based on our thoughts. Even the smallest things that we do, is because we think in a specific way.

Everything you think about will eventually be attracted in your life mostly through your actions that you might not even notice.

Thinking negatively can simply make you stressed and anxious. This alone will make you more insecure and have less confidence in yourself. Based on that, your actions won’t be as good.

Sometimes you might think about a certain situation and you imagine all the ways it could go wrong. You think about it so much that you actually take the actions that WILL make the situation go wrong.

Positive Attracts Positive

So now you know that you can attract negative outcomes if you keep thinking negative thoughts all the time. But you can also attract positive outcomes if you always think positive thoughts.

For example, if you have problems with money right now, don’t think about how broke you are. Think about how amazing it will be when you’re rich.

Instead of worrying about your problems, focus on creating something new. So when you don’t have a lot of money, think about becoming rich and think how you’re going to do it.

You simply have to forget about the money problems you might currently have if you want to attract a lot of money. Just relax!

Or let’s say your relationship is falling apart. Don’t think “what if we break up?”. Think how awesome it is to be in a relationship. Think about all the good things about the relationship.

If you think there’s nothing good about your current relationship, then the answer is simple! You forget your toxic partner and move on. Stop wasting time with someone who is bringing you down.

How To Switch From Negative To Positive

Be thankful to feel happySince you’re most like used to always worrying and thinking negative thoughts, it might be a challenge at first to actually change your mindset.

Now, you always keep thinking “WHAT IF”. What if I lose my job, what if I’m not good enough for my partner, what if I will fail at starting a successful business, what if I’m in love with Justing Bierber, what if, what if, what if.

So instead of adding negatives to your “what if”, add positive things. For example, what if I’m going to become rich, what if my crush is in love with me, what if I find a million dollars on the ground, what if I never get sick again.

This way you will slowly rewire your brain from thinking negative all the time. Positivity will become your habit and you won’t be able to imagine your life without this mindset anymore.

For this to work, you have to feel good about these “positive worries”. Your “what if” has to feel true. What if you become a millionaire? You have to feel it happening. You have to believe it.

I myself, barely have any negative thoughts going through my mind anymore. I used to be really negative all the time and I wasn’t happy at all.

Now, even the smallest things make me happy, because I found peace in my own mind. I removed the negative thoughts from my brain!

The More You Do It, The happier you will become

Once you start shifting you mind to the positive side, you will slowly feel happier and happier every day. Your whole world will be different. You will see it in so many different colors. It won’t be black and white anymore.

You will attract wonderful events and opportunities to your life. Confidence and security will come by and knock on your door as well.

Just remember, you are in control of your life. You choose to be either sad or happy. Nothing else can impact you if you don’t allow it.

You want to be rich? Well, don’t wait for luck or something like that. Take action towards your goals TODAY and visualize yourself as a successful person.

Just look around your room. Look at all the objects that are there. How do you think they came into reality? At first, it had to become an idea. Someone visualized it inside their head before it was even real.

Once you visualize something in your mind, it will manifest into reality.

Don’t Forget To Take Action!

So, once you actually manage to change the way you think and remove the negative thoughts from your mind, you have to start taking action.

Positive thoughts alone won’t make a really big difference. Sure, it will definitely make you much happier but if you want to manifest your desires, you simply have to take action.

Keep visualizing your goals, visualize that you’ve already achieved what you want and then you won’t even notice how slowly you’re changing your personality.

After a year of doing this, you will look back and say “Woah, I’ve changed so much and I couldn’t be happier about it“.


What was the first thing you’ve manifested once you became aware of the law of attraction? Comment below!

24 thoughts on “How Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work?”

  1. Tim Bennett! says:

    Hi Donny,

    I enjoyed your post.

    This is a great article for the new law of attraction student and gives a great introduction into the power of positive thinking.

    You are right, positive thinking alone will not really get you the results you want and taking the correct action is also needed…

    Bruce Lipton, in his work the Biology of Belief, gives a very amazing insight into how the law of attraction works, backing his theory with scientific proof.

    As one of the original members of the team that was working on cell research in the 70’s and 80’s he is a reputable source and boils our results down to one thing…


    Check him out and hope to see more of your articles too.


    1. Donny says:

      That sounds interesting! I will be checking it out.

  2. Jamila Jones says:

    I love this article, thanks for writing it. I believe the words are that come out of our mouths are very powerful. The media use this on us all the time with words and visuals, to get us to buy something or believe in something. So yes we should use the same technique on ourselves. We are great, we are powerful we can do anything.

    1. Donny says:

      Yeah, without knowing it, most people allow external sources to affect them and their thoughts. It’s actually quite easy to live a more positive lifestyle, it’s just that most people are unaware of that.

  3. ValerieJoy says:

    Donny, I like the way your explain how to bring positivity into our lives.

    I have followed the law attraction for some years now and I know how important it is to not dwell on what I don’t want.

    There are times when it is so easy to focus on what I don’t want, which of course is the wrong thing to do, as you say.

    We can definitely change our lives for the better when we remember to be grateful for what we have now, and focus on how much more we will have in the future.

    1. Donny says:

      Yes, it’s probably always easier to just focus on what we don’t want, because we have been doing it for the majority of our lives. It takes time to reprogram your mind to think positively, but it’s worth it!

  4. Flavia says:

    Great explanation of the law of attraction. I love the banana story too!

    I am a great believer of the law of attraction. My first ever intentional manifestation was $10 in a form of a voucher. It still gives me goosebumps when I think about it!

    I believe it works and like you said, it is important to focus on what we do want, not what we don’t want, as well as taking action towards our desires and staying positive as best as we can.

    I have manifested so many things in my life and I am still working on manifesting more! There is so much to be learnt and I always learn a new thing or two here and there. It’s so amazing!

    I’d like to know, do you have any favourite techniques tat you like to use? e.g. journaling

    1. Donny says:

      I do have something like a diary. At the end of each day, I sit down and write down what I did wrong and what I did correctly for the day. This helps me identify my weaknesses and strengths. 

      Also, after writing down what I did wrong and right, I then write some positive affirmations. I write down anything positive that comes to mind. For example “I’m a money magnet, I’m happy, I will succeed at anything, I will lucid dream” and so on.

      I listen to a lot of hypnosis as well. It really helps me relax and feel good while I’m visualizing beautiful things. 

      Also, I do visualizations and affirmations throughout the day. 

  5. alenekeate says:

    A lot of things went through my head all at once. It sounds amazing to start trying this in my everyday life. I believe that it could really help me. It is amazing how much your mindset has to do with your life. When I was younger, my sister told me she did not like cherry flavored candies. I told myself that I did not like them and have not been able to eat them since. You can train yourself to like or dislike things with just your mind. So I really believe that positive mindset could really help. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Donny says:

      Yes, our minds are extremely powerful, yet not many realize this. If you know how to plant new beliefs into your subconsciousness, then your life will be much, much easier!

  6. Matt's Mom says:

    This is a really great post that couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I am normally a very positive person, but lately life has thrown me some really huge obstacles and well, I am not being very upbeat right now. You are right though. I need to get back on track, get rid of this negative attitude and I am sure things will start to turn around!

    1. Donny says:

      Yes, life often throws huge obstacles our way, but we must handle them with the right kind of mindset. There’s no reason be negative about it, because it doesn’t help you in any way.

  7. Mubs says:

    This was a really interesting read. I have heard this before from other big personalities that you become what you visualise. It’s quite hard to think positively all the time though.

    It’s more of a habit that one needs to reinforce over and over again. I have started using this way of thinking recently and it has helped me quite a bit in the last few months.

    How do i get rid of bad habits or actions that have been with me for many years?

    1. Donny says:

      Yes, it is a habit to constantly think positive and avoid negative thoughts. 

      You can check out my older post about getting rid of bad habits.

  8. jCamden says:

    It sounds crazy but I too believe the Law of Attraction is real! I’ve had too many experiences (both good and bad) that prove it is to think otherwise.
    Knowing about this law, you can use it to your advantage. Kind of like your example with the what ifs, I used to be in the habit of thinking, “Life is going great, something bad is bound to happen!”
    And what do you know, it always did!
    Instead, I’ve tried to say to myself, “Life is going great, I can’t wait to see how much better it gets!”

    1. Donny says:

      Yes, expecting something bad mostly attracts a bad situation in your life. We might take certain actions that we are not really aware of, actions that lead to those bad situations.

  9. Tyler Redlev says:

    This is a common phenomena which has happened to me a few times. I don’t know what it really is called but there is a bonding between everything in this universe. We’re all part of the same cluster of energy.

    And we can attract things and happenings to us on a quantum level by thinking o strong about it.

    1. Donny says:

      Yeah. Thinking about something is often not enough to get results. You still have to take massive action to get what you want.

  10. gord says:

    Very nicely done. For someone who has never heard of Abraham Hicks, you have it pretty much down. Not much they could add to this article. I like the article on the Tetris learning. Makes sense. Do you think doing this stuff will actually manifest things? Makes you more effective? Or do you think it opens opportunities? In other words, do you think the banana came as a result of action or your thoughts alone? If so then why does action have to happen along with the positive thinking or why does Law of Attraction to happen at all if action is required? This is a conundrum I’ve been working on for years. Thanks for your response in advance.

    1. Donny says:

      When you plant a belief in your subconscious mind, you start taking actions that would bring that belief into reality. You might not even notice those actions yourself. Like with the banana, when I came to my friend, I looked at that banana for more than a few seconds. My friend unconsciously could’ve noticed that look and that’s why he offered me that banana… 

      The law of attraction basically makes you take specific actions that you don’t even notice so it could manifest the things you want in your life. If you visualize yourself as a rich person all the time, your subconscious mind have to find ways to make this a reality.

      1. gord says:

        that is the best answer I’ve heard on that.

        1. Donny says:

          Thank you!

  11. Michael says:

    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. I am a true believer in the law of attraction and have been “studying” it so to speak for a while now. Have read any of the teachings from Abraham Hicks before? If so, what do you think about their take on the Law of Attraction?

    1. Donny says:

      No I haven’t read the teachings from Abraham Hicks. This is the first time I hear that name but I’ll definitely check it out!

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