How To Attract Money With Hypnosis – Reprogram Your Brain!

How to attract money with hypnosis

When it comes to hypnosis, the first thing you might imagine, is some fishy dude who uses his clock to hypnotize you into doing anything he wants.

We have this belief, because that’s how hypnosis has been shown everywhere. I’m pretty sure you have seen something like this at least once on your TV.

A guy takes out his clock (Or something else… If you know what I mean) and starts swinging it in front of another person’s face (don’t let your dirty mind take over!). Then that person becomes hypnotized and he does everything the “clock” dude commands him to do.

But in reality, hypnosis is nothing like that, not even CLOSE. Hypnotherapy has been used for a long time now and it has proven to be effective in reprogramming your mind.

With hypnosis, nobody can take control of your mind (like we’ve seen on TV shows). You are always in control no matter what. If you feel unsafe, you can easily stop the hypnosis without any side effects on your mind.

Hypnosis can only work for you if you BELIEVE in the words that are being told to you.

With hypnosis you can simply reprogram every belief that you have. Want to quit smoking? Hypnosis will help you with that! Want to lose some weight? Guess who is going to help out?

Simply want to get rid of any unhealthy habit? The “clock” dude will do that for you! WAIT… I mean hypnosis will help you out!

So, now you know that hypnosis can help you get rid of unwanted habits, but can it attract money into your life?

As a matter of fact, YES IT CAN!

Now it probably got you thinking how to attract money with hypnosis?

Firstly, you have to realize that hypnosis won’t bring you money, hypnosis can change your beliefs about money and those beliefs WILL attract money.

The reason most people fail to attract a lot of money, is because most of them have negative beliefs about money.

What you think about day in and day out, you start projecting it into reality. It’s called The Law Of Attraction.

So if you constantly think about money like this: “Money is hard to obtain“, “I don’t deserve money“, “Money is for evil people only“, you simply can’t attract wealth into your life, because you don’t even believe you can do that.

Your subconscious mind is constantly turning you away from all the situations and opportunities that could attract money and wealth.

But if you shift your thoughts and start thinking about money like this: “I love money“, “I deserve to be a millionaire“, “I am a money magnet“, then your subconscious mind will start attracting money into your life, because you have to align with your beliefs.

World of imagination

How To Attract Money With Hypnosis

Hypnosis can definitely change your life, but you have to believe that it can do that for you. If you’re sceptical and turn away the idea that hypnosis can improve your quality of life, then it can’t help you at all.

Hypnosis can only help if you believe it can help you.

Before you begin to attract money with hypnosis, you should remove any negative thoughts about it (if you have any).

Once you feel positive about hypnosis, there’s one more thing you should know.

Visualization Is The Key

To become wealthy and abundant you have to VISUALIZE wealth and abundance.

You have to visualize yourself already being rich. Act and FEEL as if you were already very wealthy.

You can keep telling to yourself that you deserve money and that you’re a magnet for money but if you feel like you’re not rich at all and you don’t have any money, you can’t become a magnet.

We don’t always attract what we WANT, but we attract what we ARE.

If you feel and act broke, then you will attract more situations that will make you broke. If you feel and act rich, then you WILL attract situations that make you rich.

While it sounds simple, it’s NOT that easy. It’s not too difficult to forget about visualizations and feeling rich. Most of us have busy and stressful lives.

Our daily schedules make us think only negative thoughts and we don’t even have the time to visualize and feel wealthy, because we are having so many money related problems.

But if you keep thinking and visualize yourself as a wealthy person, you will make this a habit. Once it becomes a habit, it will happen naturally.

Even when you’re in deep trouble with money, you will still be thinking positive thoughts and visualize yourself as a successful person without any extra effort.

It simply becomes your second nature just like walking, driving a bike, talking and so on. You don’t have to think much about those things, because it’s rooted deep inside your subconscious mind.

The same goes for attracting money into your life. If you root positive thoughts and visualizations in your subconsciousness, you WILL become successful.

Imagination creates reality

Why Am I Talking About All This? Self-Hypnosis!

Since the main topic of this post is about hypnosis, you might begin to wonder why am I talking about beliefs and visualizations, right?

I’m talking about that because self-hypnosis is a huge part of our lives and all those visualizations and beliefs come into play.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you’re watching a movie. You really enjoy that movie and you get sucked into that screen. You no longer care about your surrounding, it’s all about that movie.

This is basically hypnosis. While you’re in this state, it’s easy for new beliefs to be planted inside your head.

Or let’s say you’re reading a book. It’s the same as watching a movie, you get sucked in and forget about your surroundings. That’s hypnosis.

We get into the state of hypnosis many times every day without even noticing it.

So why are visualizations and beliefs so important? Because you can use them for self-hypnosis.

Just by taking a few minutes to relax and then talking and visualizing yourself as a rich person, you’re actually hypnotizing yourself to change your beliefs or plant new ones in your mind.

Benefiting From Hypnosis On YouTube!

Alright, so I’ve talked a lot about visualization and it really helps to know about it once you begin to listen to a real hypnosis.

You can always buy a hypnosis recording online and listen to it, but I find it that YouTube offers many more options and it’s free.

There’s so many choices that I’m 100% sure you will find some videos that will work for you.

The main thing you should be looking for in a hypnosis session, is how well can you relax to the words being spoken.

For example, some videos simply don’t work for me, because the person who speaks doesn’t have a very calm voice and it distracts me.

You must find a video that relaxes you completely and allows you to forget about all the distractions in your life.

Just like reading a book or watching a movie, you have to get sucked into the session if you want to attract money with hypnosis.

Now, while you’re listening to the session, a big part of it will be visualization. It all depends on how well can you visualize and feel being wealthy.

I’m pretty sure that any session you will listen to, the instructions will be to VISUALIZE something. So put some extra effort into your visualizations, try to maintain focus on it all the time.

My Favorite Hypnosis Videos

These are just a few hypnosis videos that I listen to daily (I listen to different sessions every day) and I find them very relaxing and calming. I suggest you check them out.

Why Hypnosis Works?

It works, because hypnosis focuses on relaxing your body and mind, allowing you to enter the trance state of mind.

Your subconsciousness becomes very suggestive while you’re in trance and it’s easy to plant a new belief in your head.

Like I’ve said before, most of us have negative beliefs about money. Hypnosis will clear those negative beliefs and blockages, while planting new positive thoughts into your subconscious mind.

Combine self-hypnosis with hypnosis sessions on YouTube and you will definitely see the benefits.

It’s best if you make this a habit and listen to hypnosis every day. I do it every time before I go to sleep and right when I wake up.

And I don’t feel like it’s a chore. I do it because I enjoy doing it. I love hypnosis, because it’s calming, relaxing and it plants positive beliefs in my subconsciousness.

Visualizations And Affirmations Must Go On!

So now that you know how to attract money with hypnosis, go ahead and give it a try. You have nothing to lose and I’m pretty sure you will love the calming and relaxing experience!

Just don’t forget to visualize yourself as a wealthy person throughout the day. Also, keep the affirmations going as well.

I’ll give you 15 affirmations that you can keep replaying in your mind to remove those negative beliefs about money:

  • I am worthy of making more money
  • I am a money magnet
  • Wealth constantly flows into my life
  • Money creates positive impact in my life
  • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
  • Prosperity is drawn to me
  • I have more money than I could ever imagine
  • Money loves to be around me
  • I am extremely wealthy
  • Every day I’m becoming wealthier and wealthier
  • I am always surrounded by money
  • Wealth flows to me from all directions
  • I am attracting money right now
  • I am the wealthiest person on the planet
  • I love money and money loves me

Repeat these every day or think of your own affirmations and repeat them. Try feeling the energy, the vibrations when you’re saying those affirmations.

VISUALIZE wealth and you will be on the path towards success!


Have you ever tried a hypnosis session before? Do you enjoy the experience of hypnosis? Comment below!

44 thoughts on “How To Attract Money With Hypnosis – Reprogram Your Brain!”

  1. ValerieJoy says:

    Hi Donny,

    Thank you for your article on attracting money with hypnosis.

    My first thoughts when starting to read this was ‘I don’t believe in hypnosis’. But, what I had forgotten was I used to follow exactly what you say further into your article.

    I do believe in the Law of Attraction. In fact, in the past I have changed my life through using this Law. Then, other things I had no control over happened and I forgot to get back the one of the main things, being visualization.

    Again, I thank you for this article. Right from this moment I will take up the practice again of belief, positive thoughts and visualization.

    1. Donny says:

      It’s crazy how easy it actually is to forget about specific things. You might be doing something for 5 years, but a lifestyle change happens and then you forget about it completely!

      I’m glad you’re taking up the practice of belief again!

  2. Melissa Hazlett says:

    Nice. I have always believed in hypnosis. But I have never tried it before. I had no idea that they offered hypnosis videos on youtube as well. I thought this would be something you would have to go see someone for.
    Anyways I could see how changing your thinking and using hypnosis could really help you with money. Our mind is powerful and I do see how we can easily connect money in a negative fashion.
    Thank you so much for all of this amazing information I think I will be checking it out soon.

    1. Donny says:

      Yes, I was quite surprised when I discovered hypnosis on Youtube as well, because I imagined hypnosis much differently (like we see on TV for example). 

      Hypnosis can definitely help clear all the negative beliefs which will make money flow into your life easier.

  3. Ann says:

    Hi there
    I’ve used hypnotherapy before and found it very powerful to help create positive thoughts about situations I’ve found difficulty with.
    Your points on how it works, through relaxing the mind is very important to ensure you are in a receptive mode.
    I liked your positive affirmations about creating wealth and will include a few each day.

    1. Donny says:

      Yes, relaxation is very important if you want the suggestions to work!

  4. AJ says:

    I have to say this is right up my ally. I simply love anything related to programing the mind for success. I think the number 1 thing you hit on was you have to BELIEVE that it will work. I agree with that 100%. The fact that belief is everything in life makes total sense. You really need to b emotionally involved with it in order to see results. Do you have tracks that you have made on making money with hypnosis? Has it done wonders for you?

    1. Donny says:

      I haven’t made any tracks of my own on hypnosis, but I do listen to them quite often. I do feel really good when I’m listening to those sessions! I simply forget all the worries and stresses in life…

  5. Melanie says:

    Hi Donny

    I found your article very interesting. I had no idea you could attract money with hypnosis. You are right the first thing I think about when I hear the word hypnosis is someone who uses a clock to hypnotise you. I’ve never tried hypnosis, but after reading your article I will give it a try.

    1. Donny says:

      I’m glad you decided to try it out! Hypnosis is great for many things, not only about attracting money. No matter what hypnosis you listen to, you’ll surely relax and forget about all your worries. That feeling of relaxation is very addicting, I must say! You won’t want to leave this state once you enter it 🙂

  6. Marques Pizarro says:

    I am so glad I came across this article! I have heard about visualization before, and I have been a little skeptical about hypnosis, but I am willing to try it out! I love learning about how to live more spiritually and peacefully, and visualization will help improve my life overall! Do you recommend I visualize for presentations, sports, and other events? I hope to see your response! thank you so much!

    1. Donny says:

      Yes, you can visualize for presentations, sports and other events, because when you’re visualizing, your brain doesn’t know the difference from reality and visualizations, so some of parts of the brains are activated as if you were doing the activity for real. It works best when you’re dreaming. If could lucid dream, then you can improve certain skills as well.

  7. Jocelyn says:

    Hello Donny,

    This is the first time I’ve heard and read about hypnosis in attracting money. This is a unique article. Of course, without working even thinking of magnetizing money it would not go as planned, it is true we need to work on it as well and not only think about it.

    I’d be reading your upcoming posts for sure.

    1. Donny says:

      Yeah, hypnosis is only good if you’re willing to take the action to actually make it happen.

  8. Jack Taylor says:

    By the time you reach your forties, you realize that life is just not fair. It never has been but it is up to us to shape and manifest our own destinies.

    I learned a lot from your article and saved your website to my favorites. Success does have a lot to do with how you think.

    As hard as it may be, thinking positive and hard work are the keys to making anyones dreams come true. Nothing worth while is EASY!

    It’s HARD, make no mistake about it but the payoff is beyond your wildest dreams. Thanks again for a great article on How To Attract Money With Hypnosis.


    1. Donny says:

      Yes, it’s hard to achieve basically anything and positive thinking is a big part of it. Of course, just by thinking you won’t achieve anything. Gotta put in the work as well!

  9. BooBish says:

    I’ve never tried hypnosis, but I’m going to do so ASAP, especially now that you’ve inspired me to do so.

    Yes, a lot has to do with what one believes. I mean, if I 100% believed that hypnosis works and will enable me to attract wealth, I’d do it right away. So it seems doing anything new requires some leap of faith.

    I get what you mean about being completely immersed in a movie or book and how that’s similar to trance state in hypnosis.

    In terms of affirmations, I like your suggestion, “Try feeling the energy, the vibrations when you’re saying those affirmations.” I will try that also.

    1. Donny says:

      Yes, leap of faith is always good when you’re trying out new things! I’m glad you’re going to try it out 🙂

  10. Edgar says:

    Great post! I like to think that I am positive, but I am human too! I probably let negative thoughts enter my mind all the time about money. I do think about how I can earn more money all the time. I constantly check my investment accounts daily, but have notice it’s hard to add money to them on a regular basis. Maybe I should try using hypnosis to change the way I think about money and being wealthy to naturally attract money. There is a saying I have used over the years, “It’s mind over matter”! So, if you can think it…you can achieve it!

    1. Donny says:

      You should definitely try using hypnosis! It will change your beliefs about money if you allow it 🙂

  11. Jojo says:

    This is one very interesting and in my case very important post.
    Since many years and especially during the last six months I have a had a serious lack of faith in what I am doing. I am trying to build an online business and there are a lot of things I need to do. It is very hard to motivate yourself to do anything at all if you do not believe that you will succeed. And when you do get something done in this state of mind, it is usually half done and the quality of the work is not good.
    This is something I will start doing right away, as I need money more than ever before and I also have other goals I would like to acheive.
    Thank you very much for this post, I believe it is going to be very useful for me.

    1. Donny says:

      Glad you enjoyed the article! It’s very important to believe in the things you do, because it’s essential for success. I agree that with this state of mind you won’t provide the best quality.

  12. Michael says:

    Hi. A great entry. We must remember what we think about. The movies you provided are very helpful, I was looking for such. For several weeks I have been changing my way of thinking and I have less and less negative thoughts in my head. I started to think that I am rich, thanks to this I found ways that give me such an opportunity. Thanks.

    1. Donny says:

      Great! Having negative thoughts will not lead to anything good… I’m glad you’re changing the way you’re thinking. It will bring you awesome results!

  13. Nik says:

    Great stuff here! I think that people underestimate the power our minds have over our daily activities, we want them to work for us not against us!

    This article offers some great tips on how to attract desired outcomes into our lives. If our thoughts, words, and actions are not aligned with our goals then something’s wrong.
    Thanks for the great piece!

    1. Donny says:

      Our subconscious has incredible power, but sadly, not a lot of people realize this. It can shape our whole reality.

  14. Master Aspirations says:

    I’ve been interested in self-hypnotherapy for a long time. I’ve tried it on so many occasions with daily affirmations to reprogram my mindset. I will agree that, until I change my mindset about money, I won’t attract money. We get what we believe in. When I believe in the positivity of money, money flows to me. When I don’t, it doesn’t. Self-hypnotherapy has helped a bit, especially YouTube hypnotherapy videos. Great Article, I hope it helps a lot of others change for the better.

    1. Donny says:

      Hypnotherapy is a great way to change your beliefs in money. The most important thing is, to believe that it will help you. If a person uses hypnosis without believing that it can help, it won’t help, because you must allow it to change your beliefs!

  15. lydia says:

    Great articles! Your site is very informative. You offer so many tips . Cant wait to try them all. Will keep you updated on progress! My greatest personal growth “achievement” happened when I started writing down what is making me happy in a perticular moment (assuming I’m feeling positive). In that way I am not on the “mercy” of other people or situations to feel positive. I just read my list!

    1. Donny says:

      Yes, I also write down everything that makes me happy and I love doing that!

  16. christopher says:

    I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and the power that it holds over our lives, or should I say the power we hold over our own lives.

    I have not ever been hypnotized, I have however gone into deep meditation through Reiki, and have learned that the phrase “as you think, so shall you be” is extremely powerful.

    One problem I have though, is knowing fully if I believe in something. How do I know if I am doubting myself? Or is asking the “how” part of the problem?

    Great article!

    1. Donny says:

      I asked this question myself a lot. How do I know if I believe it or not? It’s at this point that I realized I’m still having doubts. If you keep asking yourself the question if you truly believe in something, then you still have work to do, if you want to plant a new belief in your subconsciousness. It takes time and effort to do that, but it’s worth it. 

  17. Win Bill says:

    You are right. I totally agree on the fact that we can’t always attract money, but we can definitely develop beliefs that attracts money. It is the foundation of any successful person. If a person constantly thinks that he will never do well or get rich, then that is exactly the outcome for the rest of their lives. Hypnosis is definitely important, because we tend to “learn” things the wrong way and it creates a “system” and logic that ruins our lives. If we can reprogram that neural pathway, and understand how to succeed instead of focusing on how to not fail, then things will be a lot better for the rest of us. Thanks for the advice. Think rich, and grow rich. Do you go through a hypnosis routine every day too?

    1. Donny says:

      Too many people are very hard on themselves. They tell themselves that they can’t achieve success, that they are broke and so on. Those beliefs will always bring them down. Sadly, they don’t even realize that their beliefs actually have an impact.

      Yes I go through hypnosis every morning and when I go to bed. so, twice a day!

  18. Brendon says:

    We have heard about hypnosis, and I think a lot of people think of it the way you described at the top of your article.
    I do agree that you have to believe and visualize the things you desire in life.
    I am wondering if hypnosis is like meditation? Do you think that the two are related in any way?
    Just wondering, because I know that I am self sabotaging with my thoughts, and I want to change that.
    You make a great case for hypnosis, and it is nice to hear that it is not a mind control thing!

    thanks for the great info, I look forward to reading more from your site!

    1. Donny says:

      Meditation and hypnosis has many related benefits. But they work differently. While you meditate, you’re clearing your mind of all thoughts and absolutely relax the mind. While you’re on a hypnosis session, you’re still getting really relaxed but through hypnosis, you are planting new beliefs in your subconscious mind, thus your mind is not in the same relaxation stage as if you were to meditate. It’s definitely not a mind control thing! haha.

  19. Anna says:

    Thank you, Donny, for this absolutely great article!!
    I am also a great believer in the law of attraction. I see evidence of it all the time in my life. I actually attracted my husband this way. Seriously. It’s the strangest story ever. It happened just out of nowhere, completely unexpectedly. And it happened just two weeks after I decided that this is it – I’m sick of the crappy relationships that don’t work. I’m going to find someone serious. I didn’t know where and how, but I just decided I will. I made a list of all the qualities I want in the man of my life, and every day started visualizing myself in a good, loving relationship with this man. And it just happened. Two weeks after this decision of mine I met him, and just a year later I had a ring on my finger. Like a magic. I still can’t believe it… LOL 😀
    However, with money, for some reason, it doesn’t work for me so well… Maybe because I still do have these negative beliefs about money. I just can’t believe I can actually be a wealthy person. I really need to get rid of these negative beliefs.
    I’ll make an experiment. I’ll start watching the videos you’ve posted every day, and let’s see if there is some change in one month. They say that it takes 21 days to change our subconscious… I’ll try it, and will let you know!!

    1. Donny says:

      That’s a fantastic story! I hear a lot of these kinds of stories about relationships. It’s amazing to see how people change their lives with visualizations and positive thinking. And sometimes, you attract something so fast and you can’t believe it yourself that this actually happened! It does sound like magic. That’s the power of our subconscious minds!

      Yes, as long as you have negative beliefs, it’s really hard to attract money into your life. If you can’t believe that you can be a wealthy person, then your subconscious mind will understand that you don’t want wealth in your life, thus it will attract situations where you lose out on money.

      Hypnosis can definitely help you remove those negative blockages about money. It will make you believe that you can be wealthy and that is the first step towards attracting wealth! Believe and know that you are worthy.

      Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

  20. Jeanri van Tonder says:

    I enjoyed reading this post. I wish people would realize what impact our thoughts have over our every day lives, and you’re right – our thoughts are formed from our beliefs. I think the first challenge comes in with maintaining these beliefs. Some days I can feel so good and so positive and other days I feel totally defeated by external factors. The other challenge is truly believing that it can make a difference.

    Can you give me some advice on how to overcome these challenges?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Donny says:

      It happens to everyone. We can’t always maintain only positive thoughts no matter how hard we try. Life can sometimes, be really tough. Whenever you feel defeated, just relax and focus on your breath. Try to clear your thoughts. Think of something positive even if it’s hard to do it right now. Try meditating as well. It’s a great way to become calm and relaxed. Hypnosis also helps to get a feeling that everything is going great!
      Don’t let those negative thoughts control you when they come up.

  21. Brandon says:

    Your post is full of much wisdom and information!

    Its all a matter of being able to harness the power of your brain, until recently I had my struggles with my thought controlling me. But recently i have begun to live this very lifestyle you explain here and I’m glad I came across it cause it has helped me understand a lot more!

    Thank you Donny for sharing this!


    1. Donny says:

      It’s very easy to let your thoughts control you. That’s what happens to most of us. We let our mind think of negative things and we live by that. The most important part is that you’ve found a way to improve your lifestyle!

  22. GabrielGrey says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this great bit of wisdom!!

    I was feeling a little down about things lately but this helped me shake off the funk and remind me that it is I who have the power to manifest the wealth that I seek. It is just time to realign some values. I will probably have this article open in a separate tab for the next week!! Very good stuff.

    Take care,

    1. Donny says:

      All of us get down from time to time. The important thing is to always realize that the power of your mind is completely limitless and you can take control of your life fully! 

      If I ever feel sad or negative, I always just tell myself that there’s no reason to be this way. It’s not going to improve my situation if I’m just feeling negative all the time. The quicker you start thinking positively, the quicker you will feel better as well!

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