How to Be Better With Money – Handle IT

We are living in a mysterious place where students take huge loans for their studies, young families takes loans to buy houses, where seniors who finally reach retirement age can’t feel safe about their money situation either and where almost all countries in the world have national debt.

You can try asking any person if he thinks that he’s good with money, probably he will say yes. But the facts don’t lie. Various pension funds, saving accounts, and fishy money making programs succeed. Banks get even stronger and the gap between rich and so called “middle class” gets bigger and bigger every year because so many people have no clue about money.

You don’t have to be a math genius, but if you don’t want to live counting your days until you get paid cents for hard work that you don’t like or if you want to have some kind financial security when you get old then you need to learn how to be better with money.

How to Be Better With Money – Law Of Attraction

Being good with money can make you feel much more secure about your life. If you’re always in debt, barely have any money for everyday needs, then you won’t feel secure and it will make your life stressful.

Constantly worrying about money does no good to you. And if you’re always thinking about how little money you have, you won’t be able to attract abundance into your life.

Law of attraction plays a big role in your life. The basic idea is that if you’re always worrying about not having enough money, you won’t be able to attract money. You will only attract situations that drain money from you.

It’s important to shift your thoughts from the negative side to the positive side. Visualize yourself being rich and abundant. When you do that, you will feel less stress when it comes to money and that alone can improve your life quite a lot.

Stop worrying about money. Feel like you always have enough money and the universe will sort everything out for you. Make the law of attraction work for you!

Of course, you can’t spend all your money on basically anything just because you imagine that you have all the money in the world.

So, aside from visualizations and positive thoughts, here’s what you can do to handle your money better.

Just take my money

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

When you are facing the decision “to buy or not to buy”, first think about it this way – do you really need that thing you want to buy? There are so many stupid and simply useless stuff that are being sold everywhere. People buy things that they can’t really afford, that are overpriced and simply useless.

When people buy something, usually they enjoy that thing for a very short time, because later it’s just not interesting anymore. That is because people always want things that they don’t have, but once they get that it’s no longer interesting and they focus on something new.

That goes for any material object that you can get, so before buying anything, ask yourself – do you really need or want this thing, or you just want to buy something new because you are bored?

Track And Save Your Money

Start counting stuff and write that down.

Let’s say your salary is 1500$ per month. You have to think how will you spend that money. Here are three things that you can’t avoid if you live in a city.

1. How much you spend on taxes? I imagine a lot, but there is not much you can do to change that, so minus that amount that you spend on taxes. When you are about to buy something big, always think if you will be able to pay your taxes, because you can survive for a while with cheap food, but your bank might totally destroy you if you’re not paying taxes.

2. Everyone must eat, right? So if you don’t live in farm or some village you will have to spend a lot money on food, but what food you will buy? I don’t recommend buying cheap food, because your health is way more important than few extra dollars. You could try eating less when you are in the city, limit expenses in restaurants or cafes. Home made food is always cheaper + you might learn how to cook and that is a great skill to have in your arsenal.

3. Traffic expenses highly depend on if you have your own car. If you do have a car, then you will have to spend money regularly not only on fuel but also on the car itself (repairs and so on…) and that might be quite expensive. However, sometimes a car is a must have, especially if you can’t spend hours in crowded public transport.

Most likely the bigger part of your salary goes to taxes, food and traffic, but let’s talk about managing money on things that are optional (not essential for living).

1. Some people spend WAY too much on clothes (especially women), you need to cross the line somewhere. Ask yourself how much money per month you can spend on clothes. It simply can’t be more than 1/15 of your salary if you want to buy clothes the smart way!

2. Candy, pies, ice cream (and basically all sugary products), various cocktails and alcohol. This doesn’t belong in a food section, because it’s not a must eat/drink for your survival, it’s just something that you want. You should stay away from alcohol as much as possible. Also, all sugary products are very unhealthy and you should avoid them as well. So, think before you buy chips, beer, and delicious pies. Just like with clothes you have to cross the line somewhere. Those sweet but dangerous and expensive things shouldn’t take more than 1/20 of your salary.

3. For things like a new fridge, new computer, new bed and new car, you should save money from several salaries. Each month save 1/10 of your pay check for big things that you really need to buy. Don’t just buy it because you get bored with your old computer or if your fridge is not big enough. But for example, if your fridge is not working at all then you don’t really have an option here, you must buy a new one. Well unless you’re okay living without a fridge…

4. Birthdays are quite expensive, aren’t they? Let’s say it’s your best friend’s birthday, there will be a party and you kinda need to buy a present. Presents may cost a lot. And who knows, your friend might not even like it (that bastard!), so don’t buy anything too fancy. Buy something simple that would boost your friend’s mood and bring out a big smile!

Save some money

5. Everyone needs to rest and take a break from work, you should save some money for vacations. Save a bit from each salary, but not too much. You can easily save enough money to have a great vacation at least once a year!

6. You should set a goal to save a certain amount of money from your salary each month. That money is not for something that you will buy, it’s going to be your savings that would help if you lose your job, or something unexpected happens and you need a lot of money. If you can’t save any money, then you will have to lower your unnecessary expenses like clothes, alcohol or save less money for that new car or vacation.

7. There is something else that you need to think about. If after a month of hard work, 8/10 or more of your salary goes to taxes – food – traffic, then you should start looking for new job or ask for a raise. When you can’t avoid spending a lot of money on those essential things, you can’t have a good life. You are always left with no money, you’re basically just surviving and NOT living.

Loans and People Who Want to rob you

A very common thing in today’s world is, to take a big loan and buy a new house or a new car, and then owe a lot of money to your bank for years. Before taking a loan, really think about it if it’s worth it, because once you sign the paper, you are no longer free, you are just someone who helps banks to get richer and they will do what ever they can to control your financial situation.

Have you ever met that agent who’s suppose to help you make the right decision or fix paperwork? Most people already know that they can’t be trusted, but still let them in.

Let’s say you want to sell your old apartment, but you don’t really know how to deal with the paperwork or how to attract buyers. So you search for some financial agency that’s suppose to help. They send an agent to meet with you, a guy with a nice suit, wide smile and good tone. Even if you don’t trust him, remember that this guy is a pro, he knows how to corrupt your mind, this is what they do for a living.

So the agent did the paperwork very quickly and found a potential buyer. He tells you that 20k$ is a good price, that you should sign the paper and be happy with the you get money. The fact is, you shouldn’t sign the paper. Ask questions and do some research by yourself, check prices of other apartments.

Agencies survive because of people like you who need their help, so it’s definitely not for free. Usually it’s something like 20% of the amount you get after you sell something. Be your own manager, it’s not that hard to do the paperwork, it’s not that hard to search for potential clients. Yes agents will do it faster than you, but it’s definitely not worth paying them.

All of those phone calls from so called “businessmen” are not for you. They will call and tell you that there is a super good offer to buy some stocks. And they will tell you that the time is limited, so you to do it quickly. Then, they promise that you will get huge benefits after a few months… Well that won’t happen. Think about it this way, if the deal is so good, why would that “businessman” keep calling people instead of buying it by himself. Also, think about who pays that businessman for his ”hard work”.

Wallstreet, various agencies and banks survive, because of the financial system. It might be hard to understand for someone who is completely new, but the goal of those “businessmen” is to take money from your pocket. Don’t let them do that! It’s always best to be your own manager!

Avoid scams


So, that’s how to be better with money. Don’t spend your money on useless junk. Don’t buy things that you don’t even need. Try to save a bit of money every month. And don’t take loans or fall for scams.

Simply be smart about spending and saving your money. Always maintain positive about money. Don’t have any negative beliefs about it, because your subconscious mind will turn you away from opportunities to make more money.

Remember, we don’t always attract what we want, but we attract what we are.


Have your own tips on handling money better? Do you find it easy to save money every month? Comment below!

10 thoughts on “How to Be Better With Money – Handle IT”

  1. Mat A. says:

    Enjoyed your article on how to be better with money. I agree with you completely that many people buy a lot of useless junk they don’t really need. I believe so many of us are simply sucked into consumerism and simply buy things because we see so much advertising aimed at us. We become like robots.
    It’s disheartening seeing so many recent college grads shouldering a large student loan as well. This is another area where we could get smarter.
    I think people who have something they are saving to buy, like a big ticket item such as a car or a downpayment on a house, can get quite good with handling money and budgeting. It all comes down to priorities.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Mat A.

    1. Donny says:

      It’s true. Advertisements affect us so much. It get’s inside our subconscious mind and it makes us buy things we don’t even need. We are basically being brainwashed into buying useless junk…

  2. Travis says:

    Indeed this is solid information on budgeting money. The layout is pretty nice as well. Gives me some ideas of my own. I could even apply some of this to my own life too. Gotta get rid of the BAD habit. Thanks for this info Donny, it helps in more than just one way! Thumbs up!!

    1. Donny says:

      I’m glad you’ve found it useful!

  3. jessie palaypay says:

    What about taking a side job like being an Uber driver? Should people consider doing those especially if they are just in survival mode? Id figure its a way to rebuild some cushion that we lose every time we pay taxes, food, clothes, and shelter.

    When you mentioned the agents, the thought that just popped into my mind is: “if you don’t know what to do with your money, someone else will know what to do with it”.

    1. Donny says:

      Yeah, that’s a good idea. Side jobs can help earn some extra money. But it’s important to handle the money well, because if you earn extra money and instantly spend it on useless junk, it won’t help much, will it? 

      Exactly! If you won’t take care of your money, someone else will!

  4. Ronnie Jordan says:

    You are so right. Today everything is geared to the point that money is a stress tool for sure. Fast food is ridiculous, cost of clothes and decent places to live are pretty much a budget breaker. But I learned to control my spending habits which usually are compulsive and learn to live within my means. The big key here is not to focus on being rich but financially sound. This removes a lot of the stress.

    1. Donny says:

      Definitely, money related problems are basically causing so much stress, it’s probably the biggest reason why most people are so stressful. And stress is related to many other health and mental problems.

  5. Matt says:

    Thanks for the advice!

    I definitely agree that we shouldn’t buy things out of boredom or to fill emotional voids. Buying things to make you happy doesn’t work. George Carlin said that spending money to make you happy is like taping sandwiches all over your body to appease your hunger. Just doesn’t work.

    Very interesting article.


    1. Donny says:

      Quite a lot of people buy useless things just to fill those emotional voids. It’s a bad habit. Very bad habit! It’s really important to get rid of this habit as soon as possible to become better with money. 

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