Learning A Foreign Language – Brain Exercise!

Most people can speak in 2 languages. And most think it’s more than enough. Well, while it might not be necessary to learn more and more new languages, but learning a foreign Language has many benefits.

I hear a lot of people talking about why they shouldn’t or don’t need to learn new languages but olny a few talk about the actual benefits.

Many people have their own reasons as to why you should learn new languages. Everyone might experience different benefits. So let’s talk about learning new languages and the benefits of doing that.

How To Start Learning A Foreign Language

First of all, you have to understand that this won’t happen overnight or a week. learning a foreign language will take time and more importantly, dedication.

So prepare yourself for hard work. For starters, you need to choose what language you want to learn. I

It would be faster if you chose a language that you really like and enjoy hearing. You don’t need to buy any expensive courses or books.

A teacher would speed up the process but you can learn all on your own. Some people, like my self, prefer to learn new things without anyone’s help.

You can find many free guides and courses on the internet, you can find a group of people who are trying to learn a new language as well, so try to join them.

So Where Should I Start ?

Let’s say you want to learn French. Start by spending at least 30 minutes per day on learning new words. You can download specific language dictionaries to your phone, so whenever you want to study you don’t have to be at home.

You can study during breaks at work or even when you are stuck in traffic.

Watching movies really helps. Just choose a movie or even a TV series that you really like and after a while you will start to understand basically everything ( unless its quantum physics or something).

Learning a Foreign LanguageReading is really important, even the small things like an article or daily news. Try to read those things in french. You can find some ebooks for a very small price or even for free.

Probably the hardest part is speaking. For that you might want to talk with someone who is native is french, try to start with simple conversations like introduction.

There is an option in google translate where you type a word and you can hear how it should sound. But don’t trust the translations too much, since it’s not very accurate and sometimes even misleading.

If you want to learn as fast as possible, then the best option for you is to move to a country or a city where everyone talks the language you want to learn.

Try to communicate with people when you’re in shops, restaurants, parks and basically everywhere else. The hardest thing is to start learning, but I promise you, if you’re dedicated to it, then you will learn it.

It’s Super Good For Your Memory

When you start learning a foreign language, obviously you have to remember a lot of words and that is an amazing practice for your brain.

I think we can agree that memory plays a huge role in our life. It’s really important to do activities that increase your memory capabilities.

Another good reason to learn a foreign language, is the fact that the more you study and the more you think about something, you decrease the risk of age-related cognitive decline,

You can’t just stop learning new stuff and stop thinking… It’s not healthy. Longer attention span, memory improvement and in general, just healthier mind are all good benefits. So put your brains to work, it’s good for you!!

Do You Have Problems With Finding New Job?

Sometimes it’s really hard to find a new job, especially if you want to work with your brain instead of your back.

Nowadays more and more employers are asking if you can speak English, Russian, Chinese or German. This can increase your chances of getting a job. Learning a foreign language doesn’t seem so useless anymore, does it ?

When you can speak multiple languages it becomes way easier, because you can apply to more specific jobs. If you struggle to find a good job in your native country but you can speak some other languages, then you can try searching for a job somewhere else, as more opportunities might comes along.

There are so many job offers with good salaries in other countries, but you need to be able to communicate with people.

Do You Like Traveling? Let’s Go To Namek!

Do you like traveling and exploring other countries and cultures while meeting new people? If yes, then a second foreign language like German or Spanish comes in handy.

Nowadays, our world has no boundaries. You can travel almost everywhere you want. Imagine yourself in a foreign country where you have never been before, where you don’t really know anyone.

It’s not that easy to explore and have fun when all you can do is stick to your guide (who is also costly) and listen to what he says.

Just imagine, it’s evening in Florence and you want to have a good meal outside your hotel.

You enter a beautiful restaurant and that awkward moment comes when a gorgeous waitress comes to you and asks what you would like to order and all you can do is shake your head, because you have no clue what is she saying.

You just point your finger to the menu (losing all chances to get her number).

I’m sure you can learn a lot of interesting things from people in other cultures. It’s possible to make new friends or even find love. The only barrier is language. Earth is huge and beautiful, so explore this wonderful world and have the best time of your life.

Meeting someone new

Become The Most Interesting Person In The World!

After you learn to speak a second language, why stop here? Choose another language. Your third time learning a language will be faster and smoother than the second one second, because you already have experience with how the learning process works.

The more languages that you can speak makes your personality way more interesting. People will say that you are so smart and will admire your dedication to learning new things.

Constant learning doesn’t make you a nerd, it makes you an interesting, smart person who understands that the learning process should never stop.

Imagine yourself as a father/mother and one day a son of yours asks your help with his homework, but since you know nothing about that language all you can do is tell him to use google translator or a dictionary and wish him luck… not cool, huh?

Never Ending Journey


This is why you are here – to improve as a person, to learn new things. And learning a foreign language is a really good way to do that.

The more languages you can speak – the better. The hardest thing about learning is the start.

In my opinion every person should be able to speak freely in at least 2 languages and be able to understand and communicate if needed with another 2.

See yourself as a student of life and learn as much as you can during your lifetime!


What foreign languages are you good at? How easy is it for you to learn a new language? Comment bellow!

12 thoughts on “Learning A Foreign Language – Brain Exercise!”

  1. Mona says:

    Hi Donny. Very interesting post. I write in education myself and I’m a big advocate of teaching students a second language in school. With globalization, it’s a must in my opinion and I totally agree with all the benefits you listed by knowing two or more languages. Here is the thing. I used to speak five languages, two of them fluently, and three with good conversational abilities. Unfortunately, I only use the two I’m fluent in so I kinda lost the other three. I’m not saying I’m smart 🙂 but if you have a passion for learning languages and you have the ability to grasp, it’s a big asset. Great post.

    1. Donny says:

      Well, you’re definitely smart if you’re capable of speaking 5 languages! It’s definitely easy to forget things when you stop using them. The same goes for languages, if you don’t practice enough, you’ll lose your touch.

  2. Ha Roda says:

    Very true learning a new language is so good for you. Thank you for sharing this information. As I am aging, I find my short term memories slowly fading. Re-learn my own native language (Vietnamese) is definitely stimulating my brain. When I don’t use it I lose it.

    I like your idea about watching a movie in another language and learn to listen. That’s an excellent idea. Any thoughts on a particular technique to retain something while watching?

    1. Donny says:

      For techniques while watching something, I suggest checking out this article: How To Learn A Language By Watching Movies

  3. Tom says:

    Hi Donny,
    Another informative and interesting article. I would love to learn another language (either spanish or french), but am waiting until i can move to such a country so to be fully immersed.

    Is there easier languages to pickup than others? If so what would you recommend as one of the easiest?


    1. Donny says:

      Moving to another country definitely helps you learn the language. You get to practice with real people every day. I guess it depends on the person, ambition, dedication and hard work when it comes to picking up languages. For someone English could be easy to learn and for some it could be the hardest language.

  4. SJ says:

    I totally agree that learning a foreign language has many benefits.

    And it helps you travel and get around places, which is a bonus! I have been lost in a foreign city and manage to use another language (usually not English) to get help!

    Thanks for getting this message out. Living in a largely monolingual society, I think people need to grasp this message!

    1. Donny says:

      It’s fun when you’re able to communicate with people in a foreign language when you’re in another country. And it makes you learn faster, because you have to actually communicate with other people!

  5. Esme says:

    Great site, very eye catching. I especially enjoyed the learning a foreign language as learning a new language can be hard. I liked how it was broken down to explain first start with 30 minutes a day. I liked the Karma article content was very relevant. Site was nice and colorful.

    1. Donny says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  6. kevin says:

    hi there
    I like this site I have always wanted to travel a bit more, so hopefully I can travel to Asia in next few years, so learning Korean would be good you got any good recommendation for sites or places to start this? and maybe Japanese as well, anything would be good thanks

    1. Donny says:

      Traveling is a wonderful experience! I hope you do travel to Asia. You can check out this site if you want to learn Korean.

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