Learning a Foreign Language

Learning A Foreign Language – Brain Exercise!

Most people can speak in 2 languages. And most think it’s more than enough. Well, while it might not be necessary to learn more and more new languages, but learning a foreign Language has many benefits. I hear a lot of people talking about why

Get good karma

What is the Definition of Karma? The invisible factor

So what is the Definition of Karma? In simple words, you create karma every day, but it’s up to you and you actions. Bad intentions and actions results in negative karma and good intentions and actions results in positive. One thing for sure, you can’t

Why Meat is Bad for You

Why Meat is Bad for You – No More Bacon!

Today’s life has so many temptations and it’s really hard to fight them all. But today, let’s focus on meat. Everyone already heard that meat is not healthy and yet most of us still eat meat and we don’t give much thought about consequences. Why

10 Benefits of meditation on the body, mind and soul

10 Benefits Of Meditation On The Body, Mind And Soul

People have been meditating for thousands of years up until today. And its popularity is not slowing down at all. The reason it’s becoming more popular every day, is because thousands of studies keep discovering so many benefits that once you see them, you won’t

Heal from a long distance

Reiki Healing Process – Unleash Your Powers!

  What is Reiki? It’s a healing technique to transfer universal energy through you to a patient or even yourself. Basically, Reiki healing process works like this: You transfer energy through your hands to what ever you want to heal. Reiki energy heals your body,

how to break a bad habit and improve your life

How To Break A Bad Habit And Improve Your Life

​ Our everyday life is controlled by our habits​. Throughout your life you managed to develop quite a lot of habits and now your everyday actions are based on those habits. Sadly, but not all of those habits are healthy. Everyone has or at least