Scientific Benefits Of Reading Books – Knowledge And Wisdom!

Reading books has so many benefits that it can change your life completely over time and you can develop new personality traits.

A lot of people don’t even read books because we live in the age of technology. We have a lot of activities every day provided by these technologies.

Whether it’s watching TV or playing video games on your console or PC, while it might look like it’s way more fun to do than reading a book, those things are slowly sucking your brains out.

How many people even have books in their home ? Not a lot. The fact is, if you’re not reading books, then you’re missing out on a lot of scientific benefits of reading books.

People who read are known to have more finely-tuned brains than people who prefer way more passive activities. If your goal is to be the best you can be everyday, books will help you improve your mind cognitively and psychologically. So think about developing the habit of regular reading!

Scientific Benefits Of Reading Books

There are a lot benefits when it comes to reading and I’m pretty sure that AT LEAST a few of those benefits will definitely motivate you to pick up a book from the library.

A Nice Memory Boost!

When you’re reading a book, you have to memorize what you read, like: Characters and their traits, names, locations and descriptions, all the events that are going on in the book and much more.

It’s probably impossible to remember everything you read but the more you read, the more you remember. And you won’t only memorize what’s going on in the books you’re reading.

You will also have a better memory in your daily life. Remembering things from 10 to 20 years ago won’t be that hard anymore. Even the smallest details will stay in your memory for a very long time.

And you might finally start remembering things like your best friend’s birthday or where the hell did you put your car keys this morning!

Develop The Ability To Read Minds!

Reading books help you read peopleI know, out of all scientific benefits of reading books, reading minds sounds most impossible. But it’s not about getting inside one’s head and reading their minds. It’s about predicting and knowing what’s going on in one’s head.

When you’re reading a lot of books, you start to develop the ability to understand and feel emotions much better. This helps you a lot in your daily life.

Just by a single look at a person you can immediately predict what’s going on inside his head and how is he feeling. I’m not saying that you will predict everything all the time, but this ability is always developing and improving every day.

Understanding and feeling emotions will also help you out in a relationship. Without even speaking you can understand your partner emotionally.

So if you’re tired of talking with your partner, start reading books and you can communicate with your minds! No, seriously…

Develop New Personality Traits!

If reading books becomes your regular habit, then you will start to shape your personality little by little every day.

You might start to borrow specific traits from the characters because you get so absorbed by the book and you start to feel like you’re the character, like you’re the one being described in the book.

It can really make you feel like you’re having the conversations. You just have to give it time for this to happen. And you must enjoy reading the book, because if you simply hate what you’re reading, then you won’t get absorbed by it.

Reading books will make you more understanding and empathetic


Knowledge is power… Everyone should seek knowledge and wisdom. Books are one of the best sources for knowledge.

You will definitely feel more intellectual and more confident about yourself.

By reading books and getting absorbed in them, you start to emotionally experience everything the characters are experiencing.

For example, if a character dies in the book, you get the emotional experience and it might just help you to get through losing a loved one, because you already have the emotional knowledge.

Life is not too short, so you never know when all the knowledge you attain from books will become useful.

Find It Hard To Write ? I’ve Got A Solution For You!

When it comes to scientific benefits of reading books, you might already know this. Reading books is a great way to actually become better at writing.

By reading a lot of books, you start to remember different new words and phrases that you’ve never used before. This will help you when you need to write about something.

It becomes much easier to get ideas and you start to express yourself in the written form much better than before.

It’s especially useful if you find it hard to write about anything and you fail to come up with brilliant ideas and thoughts. Your dream to become a writer is not unreachable. You don’t need to have a “writers spark” to be good at it.

All you need is a load of books!

Books improve focus

Don’t Lose Concentration… Focus On The Words!

The feeling of getting absorbed… It happens when you pick a good book and you love it. When you’re getting absorbed by books, you’re actually increasing your concentration and focus!

Can you believe this ? Getting immersed into an imaginary world and feeling all the experiences that are being described there, actually have benefits for you!

Concentration and focus are the two abilities that will help you in your daily life. Tasks become easier to finish and much faster.

Every day we get distractions all the time. It’s not helping us focus. Get yourself a good book, forget all distractions in life that you might have and immerse yourself in the imaginary world.

No More Limitations For Your Imagination!

While you’re watching TV and playing video games, you don’t really ever need to imagine anything at all. All the images are presented right in your face all the time.

Nowadays, people are very limited in terms of imagination and creativity, because there’s no real need for that in our daily life anymore. When you see a new video game coming out, you’re all like “WOAH, I could have never imagined anything like that even if I wanted to”, because your imagination is limited.

When you’re reading books, you actually have to imagine everything that is written there. That’s why most people fail to make reading a regular habit. The books are not interesting for them because they don’t have a good enough imagination.

Books require you to create an image in your head to make things more interesting. This helps you break all your creativity and imagination limits.

Your daily life becomes easier as well, because you’re always full of ideas and it helps you solve the problems you face every day.

You Get To Have Some Fun!

BookwormReading is actually a fun and entertaining way to spend your time. It’s not all just about scientific benefits of reading books.

You simply get to have fun and bring in a ton of benefits along the way! There’s not too many activities that are fun and also very beneficial at the same time.

Have you never found a book that you would call fun and entertaining yet ? The problem might be sleeping in the books you’re trying to read.

By choosing a few wrong books, you might have some bad experiences and always think that books are boring and not worth the time.

I had the same thoughts as well. I was forced to read specific books at school, books that I didn’t enjoy at all, because they are not my taste. So, I’ve always thought that books are boring and I will never read them after school.

But, once I’ve picked up a good book, I knew that I will make this my regular habit. It’s all about the first experiences.

If your first experience is bad, then you’ll look at it as boring and useless. Our first experiences are mostly terrible, because we are forced to read specific books.

Don’t let this experience fool you. Search for a genre you like and pick it up!

Become More Attractive!

You’ve probably heard about this before. A lot of people will say that reading books makes you appear sexier. And it really does make you more attractive.

It doesn’t change your appearance in the physical form but the more you read, the more knowledge and wisdom you attain. You simply become much smarter.

Since you become smarter, you appear much more attractive to the opposite sex! You always have something to say and you never sound boring to the other person.

So if you’re looking for ways to improve your love life, reading books might be a great choice to improve it.

It’s Time To Pick Up A Book!

After reading all of these scientific benefits of reading books, I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of picking up a book right now. But don’t leave it just like that… an empty thought that will never come to be true.

It’s easy to get motivated for one minute and the next minute forget all about it. Taking action in the first step towards making this your regular habit.

Just search for a book online if you’re too lazy to go to the library or the shop to buy one. There are tons of books on the internet and there are thousands of books that you would definitely love.

You know what you like, what you enjoy, so search for a book that fits your taste.

10 thoughts on “Scientific Benefits Of Reading Books – Knowledge And Wisdom!”

  1. Daniella says:

    Hi Donny,

    Awesome article again!

    I have plenty of books at home, and of course, I love to read. The problem is that I don’t have much time to read them. Lately, I bought from Amazon 3 books, hoping I could read them, but I didn’t even start. I agree with you that reading is extremely important. So I would like to ask you if reading articles PDF books on the net have the same benefits as reading hand hardcover books?

    Thank you!

    1. Donny says:

      I know what you mean. I don’t have much time in my day for reading, but I make sure to read at least 20 pages or so everyday no matter what. 

      Of course, reading on the net has the same benefits, except some people much rather prefer a real book.

  2. jeffrey16201 says:

    I enjoyed your article post on the scientific benefits of reading books, I learned from my own experience daily reading improved my own member and concentration which used to be extremely poor.

    What is your opinion of the best books which provide you the most benefits, I like to read mysteries and guess who did it before I get to the end of the book.

    1. Donny says:

      I really enjoy reading books about human psychology and stuff like that. There’s a lot you can learn from those books. But, I think any book category is great and is worth reading!

  3. Sheila says:

    I love books! I have always loved books. This article really does a good job of describing many of the benefits of reading. In today’s world, life-long learning is critical to success. Reading is one of the most valuable skills you can have to accomplish that. Learning to enjoy reading can open many doors not only in your professional life but in your personal life as well. Happy reading everyone!

    1. Donny says:

      Exactly! You gotta learn every day to succeed at life 🙂

  4. flowstash says:

    Now this is a cool post. Everything looks solid, organized, and clean. Did you know that… “Cleanliness is Godliness.”

    What you said, ” If your goal is to become the greatest version of yourself, books will help you improve…”

    Yes indeed it is so true. And also Cleanliness will help one improve too. And you seem to have it down, at least that’s what it looks like here.

    I totally dig books. My first book was Tom Sawyer. It had a few black and white drawings inside, which I thought was cool.

    The next book was about his homeboy Huckleberry Finn. It was the same style as the Tom Sawyer book. It had cool black and white drawings.

    Today I have hundreds of books. I have a library in my house. With a plethora of fascinating literature. But I only read them rarely because like everyone else I’m hella busy. 🙁

    Lately I have been listening to audio books while driving. Do you think I still get some scientific benefits from listening to audio books as opposed to when I used to read them old fashion style?

    1. Donny says:

      Thanks for the kind words!

      Audio books definitely have benefits as well. It’s a good alternative if you are very busy and can’t find any time to read books.

  5. Murphy G says:

    I love how you broke the whole thing about reading books. I wanna read more books than the average person does, but I always feel like I haven’t read enough. One more thing, Do I need to read every word of a book? sometimes I feel some sentences don’t matter to me so I skit them. is this a terrible practice?

    1. Donny says:

      Well, I wouldn’t skip words or sentences because you wont be able to get absorbed by the book.

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