What is the Definition of Karma? The invisible factor

So what is the Definition of Karma? In simple words, you create karma every day, but it’s up to you and you actions.

Bad intentions and actions results in negative karma and good intentions and actions results in positive.

One thing for sure, you can’t escape or hide from you karma, it’s a law of the universe (Just like The Law Of Attraction) and consequences will reach you in some way.

Whether you believe in karma or not, it will still affect you life.

What Is The Definition Of Karma – Karma History

Karma is an ancient Sanskrit word that means action. The idea of karma first appears in Hindu texts ” ” around 1500 BC, but the concept is probably way older than that.

In some eastern cultures like Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Taoism karma is the key concept in all of them. Karma used to be in Christian bible, but it was removed (same thing happened to reincarnation).

In the current day, the bigger part of Asia believes in karma, and it gains more and more popularity in the west world as well.

Get Some Good Karma!

Get good karmaEveryone wants to create only good karma, but it’s not easy. For starters, try to focus on simple things like: being nice to people (I know, sometimes it’s really hard to do). If someone asks for help, even something small, just provide help, don’t be arrogant.

When some random homeless guy asks you for little money just give him some money. Don’t judge, remove that bad thought ”If I give him money he will probably buy alcohol or drugs”.

It’s all op to him what he decides to do with it. You are not responsible for anyone else’s karma.

If you were helping someone and it didn’t go well keep in mind that even good intentions create positive karma. Charities, various donations, even simple acts like helping an old lady to cross the street. It all creates good karma.

If you managed to make someone feel better than before or teaching something useful will result in positive karma. It’s hard to create positive karma, so don’t waste you opportunities.

You Don’t Want To Generate Bad Karma

It’s super easy to create bad karma. Your ego, arrogance, anger, hate, greed and jealousy are the main enemies. Try to fight them as hard as you can.

An unkind word might offend someone and if you make someone fell bad you create bad karma. When someone asks for help and you say no (not because you can’t help him for real reason but because you are lazy), or when you are just doing nothing all day, not learning, not doing any kind of useful activity and basically just eating and watching movies will result in negative karma.

Negative, destructive thoughts or just innocent fantasy about beating some guy that you don’t like or bombing you school will result in bad karma. It’s easy to create bad karma, so don’t do or think stupid things.

Reincarnation And Karma

Life after deathThere is no such thing as luck. If you win a lot of money in a lottery, it’s not because of luck, it’s because of karma.

Do you think that you did so much bad stuff in you life, cheated, told lies, hurt people, stole stuff and that it’s not worth to change anything since you are getting old and tired?

Well you are wrong because you will have another life.

Reincarnation – a living being starts a new life in a different physical body after death. You already had many lives and you will have many more lives.

In you next life you might be born as a healthy baby in wealthy Canadian family or in some poor African village right before you both parents dies because of war.

Karma doesn’t start over after you die. You can’t escape and run from your karma even after death. You will reincarnate but karma from past lives will follow and if your karma was bad, then you will get a life that you deserve.

If you stole stuff, then others will steal from you, if you used to hurt people, then someone will hurt you as well. This planet is not the place you want to be, you are here to learn things and karma represents how well you learned.

You will always get what you deserve, if not in this lifetime then in the next one. So act and think wisely, you know what you have to do to create better karma so don’t look for excuses and just do it.

Actions Have Consequences!

So what is the definition of karma? It’s a simple fact that every action has consequences and sooner or later you will feel those consequences, there is no way to trick or escape it.

It’s easy to create bad karma and so freaking hard to create a good one so always use your head and remember that the rewards are always sweet:)

2 thoughts on “What is the Definition of Karma? The invisible factor”

  1. Geno says:


    I am wondering, how do you know what is good karma vs bad karma?

    Obviously I know things like being kind and helpful to other Beings are acts of good Karma while any acts that intentionally harm another Being is bad Karma but everyone’s perspectives about what is good or bad varies. What one person sees as good Karma may not be seen as good karma by another person.

    Are their Universal Truths about what is considered good karma vs bad karma?

    Thank for the great article!

    All the best,


    1. Donny says:

      Imagine it like this. There’s no good or bad. But your actions will attract the same kind of outcomes.

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