Why Meat is Bad for You – No More Bacon!

Today’s life has so many temptations and it’s really hard to fight them all. But today, let’s focus on meat. Everyone already heard that meat is not healthy and yet most of us still eat meat and we don’t give much thought about consequences.

Why meat is bad for you? It’s not all about the health, by eating meat you create some bad karma and hurt your spiritual body as well.

What is Meat? Funny question…

Humans killed innocent animals and ate meat for thousands of years, but nowadays more and more people say no to meat. Some people say that if you decide to choose a life without meat you will be weak, because you get lots and lots of protein and if you want to get stronger and grow some muscle you MUST eat meat.

Well that’s not really true, lets see what do we get from meat: roughly it’s about 75% water, 20% protein, 5% fat. 20% protein is huge, but there are other ways to get protein ( cheese, eggs, nuts, potatoes and many other foods ).

If you choose your food correctly you can replace meat and still get enough protein for your body. Many sport stars like Bill Walton, Mike Tyson, Kyrie Irving and even Bill Pearl (body builder) succeeds without eating meat.

Why Meat is Bad For you and your health?

Let’s answer a simple question, why meat is bad for you? first of all, it highly increases your risk of cancer ( keep in mind that every year almost 600,000 people die because of cancer in USA alone).

Most animals are raised with help of chemicals. When you eat a stake you also eat many unknown chemicals. Do you like sex? if yes check this link, I bet you don’t want Erectile Dysfunction problems any time soon.

Food poisoning is a serious factor, according to The U.S. Department of Agriculture 70 percent of food poisoning is caused by contaminated animal flesh.

If you want to avoid health problems like diabetes, heart disease, strokes or simply if you want to stay slim or drop some weight (meat is also high on calories) you should avoid meat.

Don’t Lie to Yourself

Do you agree that every life is precious, even the little ones? Animals can’t protect themselves from humans but that doesn’t give us right to do what ever we want.

So many people completely ignore the fact that someone killed a chicken that they ate and they say that ” I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t kill anyone ”, but that doesn’t make sense.

You are a customer and customers are the main reason for this process. Forget about karma of those people who actually kill animals every day, think about why meat is bad for You. Think about your karma. It affects your spiritual body so much…

Why People Start Eating Meat?

So how a casual kid starts to eat meat? Usually parents eat meat themselves and since every kid wants to be like his parents he tries meat as well. Usually, for the very first time meat doesn’t taste so good but after some time you get used to it.

Kids watch TV, and even on cartoons, eating meat is completely normal. Then he starts going to school and in every school teachers and other kids eat meat.

Do you remember that lie, usually told by your grandmother, that if you want to grow big and strong like daddy you have to eat everything, in big portions.

Imagine a simple experiment: There is a kid in a room with a little rabbit and an apple. That kid is very hungry, so what do you think he will do?

Kill the rabbit and eat him or eat the apple and play with the rabbit? Meat is everywhere, so the kid adapts to his surroundings without questioning. He doesn’t ask questions like “is meat bad for you” or WHY meat is bad for you).

Because he sees that everyone around him is eating meat, he will most likely start eating meat as well and after a while he gets addicted to it.

Yes you can get addicted to meat, not only because it tastes so great, some people can’t even imagine what they would eat every day without beef or what is life without stake.

How to Stop Eating Meat?

One thing for sure – meat can be addicting so if you decide to stop this bad habit it might be hard. Some people can turn vegetarians overnight, but if you ate meat for decades every day it won’t be so easy.

For starters, add more vegetables, fruits and salads to your plate. You used to get a lot protein from meat so now you need another source (potatoes are awesome).

Remember that your thoughts really matter. Try to think about something else, you might consider joining some vegetarian club or even a fan page on Facebook.

People with similar experience can help you out. If you don’t know what to eat besides meat, there are so many vegetarian dishes and recipes on internet, I assure you will have lots of choices.

Challenge yourself. Don’t eat meat for 21 days ( why 21? It’s a magical number for habits ), after those 3 weeks pass, think about meat again, and make a decision.

Healthy lifestyle without eating meat

Life Without Meat

So this is why meat is bad for you. Once you start a life without meat, you will experience some healthy benefits!

First of all, you will feel great, you will find it easier to concentrate and feel better connection to earth. Meat is kinda pricey so you will find some extra money in your wallet.

You will have way more energy and in general you will be healthy. You won’t hurt your karma constantly because of eating meat.

Better connection to spiritual body is a plus. Most likely you will meet other people who also prefer a healthy lifestyle (people that are around you represent you).

You will find it easier to lose weight. Because of the energy boost, probably you will choose some sport activity. You might see the world in different colors.

This is one of those decisions that might sound hard but all you have to do is start. I recommend watching this movie ( might inspire you to become vegetarian). Fact is that meat is bad for you and I wish best of luck to fight this bad habit!!

6 thoughts on “Why Meat is Bad for You – No More Bacon!”

  1. Orion says:

    Great post you have here Donny.

    I like meat, and eat some every day, even though when I was younger I was vegetarian for several years!
    I agree with you that it would be healthier to NOT eat meat or much less meat at least.
    As for Karma, I have other thoughts about that, but this is not for this post! (too long of a conversation).

    I like your enthusiasm and though I don’t think I’ll stop eating meat totally, you have given me “food for thought”!
    Cheers – Orion

    1. Donny says:

      It’s definitely a good idea to at least eat less meat. It can be quite hard to take meat out of your life. 

  2. cristina says:

    Great post. I am not a vegan but also not a big meat fan. I also love animals and I think you are totally right.we should avoid killing innocent beings.
    To be honest, humans were always hunters, from old days but now because we know how, we know what we can do, we can reduce a lot this bad habit.
    Is right we need proteins but we can take from potatoes as you mentioned, eggs,(ok is not vegan but you don’t kill is a good start)
    Thanks for your article and I hope more and more people we follow your advice.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Donny says:

      Yes, we can make choices, and killing is the choice everyone makes. We should avoid this kind of behavior, because it does no good for us.

      You can live a very healthy life without eating meat. Actually, you WILL live a healthier life if you DON’T eat meat!

  3. Sharon Whyte says:

    We now have a vegetarian in the family and my daughter is always telling me the ill- effects of meat and also what the omissions are doing to our atmosphere from cows!

    It is quite hard when you have been brought up from toddler age to eat meat. I try to eat less these days Thanks for your information!

    Cheers Sharon

    1. Donny says:

      I know, it’s hard to even accept the truth when all your life the image of meat was good. It takes time to ajust from your bad habit of eating meat. 

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