How to be more productive

How To Be More Productive – Reach Your Goals Faster!

Productivity… The key to doing everything much faster than everyone else. Why do some people finish their tasks and projects within weeks or months, while it takes years for you? Are we all different and some people can’t do tasks as fast as successful people

How To Improve Writing skills

How To Improve Writing Skills – Plus Benefits!

One of the differences between humans and other animals is that humans can write (or at least most of them). If you don’t want to be considered as an uneducated cave man you need to be able to write! You don’t have to write poems

How To Improve Communication Skills

How to Improve Communication Skills – Influence Anyone!

Effective communication… Do you have it? Most people don’t care about their communication skills and they never spend time to improve it. But, I’ll tell you one thing… To succeed at life you must have great communication skills! Whether you want to be a business

25 ways to boost happiness

How To Be A Happier Person – 25 Ways To Do That!

Everyone wants to achieve happiness, but what is happiness? For every person happiness can mean something different. Some people feel happy when they do their favorite activity, for others happiness associates with family and friends. There are people who feel happy when they can slack

Benefits of veganism

Benefits Of Being A Vegan – Awesome Lifestyle!

More and more people are deciding to erase meat from their life and become vegetarians. However, in my opinion becoming vegetarian is just the first step. The next step is way more important. There are many benefits of being vegetarian and there are even more

Let go of the past

Let’s Talk About How To Let Go Of The Past

All of us think about the past, some people think about it quite a lot, others not so much. It’s only natural to think about what once was, because we have memories and we can’t really forget our past. We are emotional creatures and specific

Beginners guide to meditation

Meditation Guide For Beginners – Expand Your Mind

Before we start, there’s one thing you should know – you don’t have to be religious at all to start meditating, it’s not about believing in something. There are many reasons why people meditate, but in my opinion the most important ones are to strengthen